“If you don’t know,Unless there is no way。You talk first,Let me analyze。Otherwise, the wine will be too high later,It must be nonsense again。“Xia Jian said,Laughed。

Secretary Wang sighed and said:“Two people can drink a bottle of wine?Unless you want to get drunk。Things are like this,I’ll come to Donglin Township for more than a month!One day a woman from Mengjiawan Village suddenly came。This woman is called Gao Xiuli,People are the same as names,Looks very beautiful“
“This Gao Xiuli is 37 or 18 years old,Tall,Skin and liver white,I really can’t see anything from http://www.fhlove.cn a distance。This Gao Xiuli father works outside all year round,So many people want to make Gao Xiuli’s idea。As a result, a gangster in the village seized a piece of her house,For this,Where did she file the lawsuit“
“I punch,Reorganized Mengwan Village,The land returned to Gao Xiuli。Like this,The two of us are familiar。You say i’m this old,Any ideas。But it’s still something,I can’t stop it when I come“That’s it for Secretary Wang,Helplessly shook his head。
Xia Jian advised him to eat some food,Waiting for Secretary Wang to continue。But this time,Footsteps came from the yard,The door was gently pushed open,Liu Zimin came in carrying the boiled water。
“Yo!The two leaders drank?“Liu Zimin smiled,Put down the kettle and go out。
Xia Jian grabbed him and said:“Come early,A coincidence,The three of us drink together!“
Liu Zimin was taken http://www.junhangshuangjin.cn aback,Moved a chair and sat over。Xia Jian divided a bottle of liquor into three parts,Liu Zimin’s part is left in the bottle。
Xia Jian and Secretary Wang raised their glasses。Liu Zimin had to lift up the bottle of wine,He smiled and said:“The heroic drink,And the office manager Xia is also heroic,I’m the right person, Liu Zimin”
Three people touch each other,Took a big sip。Xia Jian glanced at Liu Zimin and said:“The three of us drinking tonight,Can’t tell others“
“Understand Mayor Xia,I, Liu Zimin, graduated from university,Because there is no social relationship at home,So the assigned Donglin Township。In the two years in Donglin Township,It’s a waste of time,A bit ugly,I feel like waiting to die“Liu Zimin said,Raised the bottle and took another sip。
Xia Jian did not expect,Liu Zimin stayed in Donglin Township so frustrated。Logically,Although Donglin Township is poor and backward,,But stay and do nothing,Relaxed。Some people stay addicted,I can’t adjust it。For example, this Huang Shigui,I heard that the city thought about transferring him away,But he just won’t leave。
“Can’t say that,Follow along,But it’s risky“Xia Jian said with a smile。What he said is very clear。
Liu Zimin took a deep breath and said:“Although I said I’m a little less timid,But a person who wants to do something,I can’t waste time in Donglin Township。Even if I can’t transfer to Donglin Township in my life,But I have to do something practical for Donglin Township!“
“it is good!I’m relieved with your words。I would like to hear your views,What should we do next?“Xia Jian said,Changed the subject。
Secretary Wang’s story wasn’t finished.,But there is Liu Zimin,Xia Jian feels that it is still a bit wrong to talk about this topic。So he used to drink,Talked about work with Liu Zimin。
“Chief Xia,Huwang Village is the central village of Donglin Township,More than a thousand people。Therefore, the stability of Huwang Village plays a vital role in the whole township。Now the village head Hu Hai has been arrested,It’s like a group of dragons without a leader。Maybe someone with ulterior motives will come out to make trouble“Liu Zimin said very seriously。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“You and I thought of it together。Huwang Village must elect a new village head。What does Secretary Wang think about this??“
“Not only to elect the village chief,Replace all other village officials。Leave this to me!I will find old man Hu Fusheng,Find good candidates beforehand,Let’s meet again to study“When Secretary Wang said this to this,Suddenly came the http://www.zgwhjl.cn spirit。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“No need to study,Now is the extraordinary period, Not much time for us。You go to Huwang Village tomorrow morning,The new leadership team must be elected in the afternoon。the first,Dare to choose,Cultured,It’s better to be younger“