“I am not afraid of suffering.”Listen to this kind of peace,The heart of Yao’s old man also felt the same。

“Stinky boy,Give me out。”
“Second brother,Waste so much words?
Going out directly, I can’t get the little child.。”
Just finished this,Li Hui also took the initiative to go out.,Just just out,He is a gloomy。
These few people actually squirmed his motorcycle.。
Chapter 710, Yao Huai Li
“who is it?
Give me a standing。”
Li Hui has not thought that several people are arrogant to such a step.。
One of them has a relatively strong and stood up with He Dafu.。
“it’s me,how?
Kid you don’t accept?”
The other party is just finished,Li Hui Feng faces and how far a few brothers are not afraid,Directly rushed。
Face a few people,Li Hui Feng is like a tiger into a flock.。
Peng Pepeng is not a resistance to the rest of the room.,They were all defeated by Li Hui.。
And Li Hui’s place is also an acupuncture point.,A punch or one foot,Directly let a few people can’t afford it,If you want to get up, you will have a pain that is not as dead as a born, and you suddenly regret it.。
This is a thin and chicken.,This is a tiger.。
“Motorcycle five thousand dollars,Coat one thousand pieces,Since it is your bad car,So you will compensate you.。”
Li Hui has directly to the other side。
“Two brother,I have no money.,This motorcycle you said that,You can give me a job.。”
He Dafu heard this,I have the heart to want to die。
Just Li Hui Reni, I didn’t listen to the other party.,Directly slap in the opponent’s face,Instantly, the other side of the other side was taken out.。
“Your less waste,Hurry to give money,Don’t give money,I will let you spend more money.。”
Li Hui Feng directly grasped the other’s wrist,Then gently twisted,The crisp sound is directly。
With the sound of the sound,Along the same, the opponent’s tragic sound。
What Dalifang, which is seen this scene is also afraid.,Other people are also good,On weekdays, they are really good to fight.,Not a few people dare to provoke them。
However, Li Hui Feng, this way, directly giving the people wrist.,They can’t do such a kindness。
“He just said that you still have,Now you should still stay for him.?
There are also those things,Have you brought it??
Speaking of those strips that say,Did you bring??”
Li Hui Feng now gives these people from the bottom of their hearts.,After all, there is something like this kind of child.,The key is not a voluntary。
“Not withdrawn。”
He Dafu did not expect that Li Hui Hui will move his attention to him so quickly.。
Some calm eyes in Li Hui,He felt the great oppression。
清 清脆 光 directly in the hospital。
Li Hui Feng this slap in the opposite side,Let the other person are also angry。
As the saying goes, don’t face,But Li Hui played him in front of him in front of his brothers.,It’s just that he can’t raise his head in front of a few people.。
After all, he is a doctor in the village.,And taking the income,It is also his highest,Although the old workers can make money,But than he is still far away.。