“She would give up so easily?”Xia Jian couldn’t help but ask。

Luo Yi sighed and said:“She was ready when she married my dad。This time the incident is just***That’s it。My dad figured it out anyway,He said that money is just outside the body。Since money and money can be fair,My dad said he would abandon my money”
“It’s not easy for Uncle Xia to think like this。Wouldn’t it be retiring from the Longdong Group position??”Xia Jian asked softly。
Luo Yi smiled and said on the phone:“How come?Moreover,Longdong Group is not my father alone,There are many shareholders。He gave Wu Qian an independent company in the United States,It’s a kind of compensation for so many years”
“Oh!Wu Qian agreed?”Xia Jian is a little puzzled。He was thinking,Give her a foreign company,Will she manage a woman’s house??I’ll still trouble myself。
Luo Yi heard the meaning of Xia Jian’s words from the phone。She took a breath and said:“The market value of this foreign company is not small,Wu Qian has always planned this company’s idea。This time it’s got his wish,Of course,She lived abroad,Also have a lot of friends,You can invite professionals to manage public affairs”
“Oh!So!Maybe this is her best home”Xia Jian took a breath。She really can’t hate this woman。Because in his mind,Wu Qian saved him many times,She is a nice woman。It’s impossible to summarize the ranks of bad guys。
Luo Yi heard what Xia Jian said,She paused slightly on the phone,Then he sighed and said:“You are so right,She stays in the country,If you don’t get out of this circle,Something will happen sooner or later”
The two talked on the phone for a long time,Until Xia Jian’s phone was out of power,Luo Yicai hung up at Xia Jian’s urging。
When I think I can go back tomorrow,Xia Jian has a nameless excitement。He doesn’t know where his excitement comes from。Is it just to meet Luo Yi?Doesn’t seem to be。
He took a hot bath,And fell asleep shortly after lying on the bed。These days,He is running around,Really haven’t had a good night’s sleep,He wants to make it up tonight。
the next day,Until the phone rings,Xia Jiancai opened his eyes。He took a look at the phone on the bedside,Hurriedly sat up straight,Because it’s already ten o’clock in the morning。