Zhu Minglang found a place to sit down,He is a little puzzled,Several associate dean-level figures from Sichuan How to Train the Dragon Academy gathered here?

and,Why let yourself be involved,In terms of identity,I’m still a good student in How to Train Your Dragon Academy!
“Person in the academy,It’s all here,Dean is away,I’ll be hosted by Bai Hongbo。”Baihongbo took a look and wished Minglang,Although there are some doubts,But still didn’t care about it。
Mr. Wu also looked at Zhu Minglang with a puzzled face。
This kid,How come。
He is the master??
Zhu Minglang glanced at Nan Lingsha,Know that I will be here,Most of it means Nan Lingsha。
She knows she owns the main level Bingchen White Dragon。
“The palace is destroyed,Six major cities in the west of Lingxiao city-state were slaughtered,The Ling family has abandoned the main city and fled to the Lichuan Plain,Seek assistance from our Dragon Training Academy。”Bai Hongbo said。
“what,The palace is destroyed???”Mr. Wu suddenly stood up from his seat。
“Dean Bai,Are you kidding us?。”The woman in the treasure house said。
Baihongbo looks solemn,Seriously:“I’m not joking with you。”
“Zonggong Shuangkui、Second old,So that the master of the palace and other powerful forces died in battle,Up and down the palace,Hundreds of dragon shepherds and nearly a hundred mortals,Dead dead,Escape……The palace is dead,Just yesterday。”
Bai Hongbo’s remarks,Let the few master-level experts present feel shuddering。
Zonggong,That’s the palace,The clan palace that has absolute right to speak in this land of Lichuan,Died overnight!
If this is placed a month ago,Those who say this are lunatic!
First110chapter Zhu Xuehen