“So you don’t plan to explain it to me?”

Zhu Zhengkang looked at Guo Enting and asked。
Guo Enting poured himself a cup of tea,Smeared lips,He didn’t drink it up like Zhu Zhengkang。
Done all this,Guo Enting looked at Zhu Zhengkang calmly,Speak slowly:“Did it all,Really impulsive,So there is nothing to regret!”
Guo Enting looked at Zhu Zhengkang,I didn’t say anything afterwards,No urgent explanation,Did not argue,With the last experience,This time Guo Enting was waiting for Zhu Zhengkang quietly。
And Zhu Zhengkang did not disappoint Guo Enting,Punch Guo Enting directly in the face,Then he rushed up and bowed left and right。
Guo Enting can clearly perceive every punch that falls on him,But compared to last time,Guo Enting’s progress is being beaten by Zhu Zhengkang for a long time,He didn’t say a word。But Zhu Zhengkang is different this time,He didn’t avoid Guo Enting’s face,Any fist that falls will greet Guo Enting’s face。
“Three things!If there is another next time,I promise,No matter how much my sister likes you,I will make you disappear from this world,And i will do what i say!”
Ten minutes later,Zhu Zhengkang is more than just a trembling voice,Even his fists are trembling。
Tore off his tie,When Zhu Zhengkang walked out of Guo Enting’s office,Still angry,Let everyone who see him dare not be like just now,Come forward to say hello。
Walk with wind,The employees around are those who hide as far as they can,This is definitely not the time to contact the boss。
Guo Enting sat alone on the floor of his office,By the light of Zhu Zhengkang,No one comes in to bother myself right now。
I don’t know what I’m thinking now,Guo Enting only feels that his brain and his eyes are blank,As for physical pain,It’s numb to Guo Enting now。
“and so,I’m still too weak!That’s why people yelled at me,No matter what I say, I don’t care how I feel,Hit me casually,I can’t fight back!”
There are no other people in Guo Enting’s office,But it doesn’t prevent him from talking to himself。
The employees outside the window dare not stay outside of Guo Enting’s office,Everyone seems to have found their own job,In a hurry。
Guo Enting sat on the ground for a while,Organize your emotions,Then I went to the desk and took out my phone,Called his father’s phone,Pretending to be relaxed:“dad,You haven’t taken my mom out for a long time,I just transferred a sum of money to your account,Worked for a lifetime,Take my mom out for a walk,Look at the great rivers and mountains,You might be able to hold your grandson when you come back!”