Yoga type 2 captures lower body obesity

Yoga type 2 captures lower body obesity

Recently, I always feel heavy in my lower body and have no strength. Whether at work or off work, I can lie down or sit, I can’t sit or stand . If nothing unexpected happens, I think this is the signal that the body should gain weight.

In order to avoid the fearful accumulation of lower body amateurs, and to restore the vitality of the body, I added “leg lifting” and “tightening” to daily exercises, two days later (really only two days!

), I feel a lot lighter in the lower body, and I feel very good!

  Practice a leg-raising style 1, lying on your back, tandem your body in both directions, and breathe naturally.

  2. While exhaling, lift your legs with the power of your abdomen until it is 90 degrees to your upper body.

  3. Keep the posture and feel that the abdominal gas is exhausted, then slowly drop your legs while inhaling.

  4. Repeat the action 10-20 times.

  Practice the second push-up position 1. Lie on your back with your legs bent, your feet apart, and your heels trying to get closer.

  2. Inhale, lift your abdomen up, and tighten your chest and anus.

  3. After the inhalation is completed, keep moving, hold your breath for 5 seconds, and lower your body while exhaling.

  4. Repeat the action 10-20 times.

  Key points of movement: These two movements are extremely simple movements. Even if you have not studied yoga, most people who have experienced fitness have done it. However, in yoga postures, these two movements focus on the control of breathing and the concentration of ideas.

The exhalation of the “leg lift” style is different from the usual breathing sequence. The breath-holding time of the “stand-up style” varies from person to person and should not be forced.

The former focus on the abdomen and the limbs on the chest.

  In addition, the standing type has the effect of discharging stool.