Add happiness in the life of the elderly

Population aging is the basic national conditions for my country in the future.Effective should have an aging of population, it is related to the overall development of national development, and it is of great significance to comprehensively and social harmony and stability. It is of great significance to comprehensively build socialist modern countries.

A few days ago, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee on Strengthening the Age of Aging (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions").

"Opinions" clearly, promote the development of the old-age support, health services, social security, social participation, rights and interests, and promote the high-quality development of older industries, and go out of a Chinese characteristic active response to the population aging.

On December 9, the State Council Information Office held a press conference in Beijing, and the person in charge of the relevant departments introduced the situation of "Opinions".Let the elderly enjoy information society results, and the elderly are often facing some difficulties when using smartphones.

"Opinions", in encouraging new technologies, new ways, keep the traditional service methods familiar to the elderly, accelerate the Internet applications and mobile terminals commonly used by the elderly, and the App applied to the agendic transformation. Implement "Wisdom Help" action, strengthen digital skill education and training, and improve the digital literacy of the elderly. He Yaqiong, Director of the Consumer Products, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology actively promotes the construction of public service platforms, concentrate on the difficulties encountered in the use of intelligent products and enjoy intelligent services.

"For example, in the telecommunications service, we specialize in using smartphone difficulties in the elderly to develop a ‘one-click income’ and ‘love channel’ and other warm heart services.

In addition, we carry out an adherent transformation of Internet applications, complete transformation of 173 websites and App, solve the elderly don’t understand, learn, and use bad problems. "Especially we have prepared the" Smart Healthy Endowment Industry Development Action Plan "to carry out pilot demonstration of smart pension applications. The "Smart Healthy Products & Service Promotion Directory" was released, and 118 products and 120 services were selected. We demand companies and first-line service personnel, to have patience, love to the elderly, help the old people to enjoy the results of the information society.

He Yaqiong said. Further create an elderly livable environment to further build an elderly livable environment, "opinion" requirements, all localities must implement accessible environmental construction regulations, standards and norms, incorporate accessible environmental construction and negative modification into urban updates, town Old community renovation, rural dilapidated house renovation, rural people’s environmental rectification improve overall promotion, so that the elderly participate in social activities more safe and convenient.

Encourage conditional places for economic difficult failures, disability, and old age, etc. Guidelines to combine the rectification standards for home fitting and aging, and encourage more families to carry out adverse modifications. Wangke, the head of the construction energy conservation and science and technology division of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, introduced that the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is committed to integrating the development of the urban planning and construction management, focusing on various aspects of urban planning and construction management. Create an old age environment.

For example, in November this year, 12 departments of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued 12 departments of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, "14th Five-Year" implementation plan for unobstructed environment, proposed that the systemic, integrity and inclusive level of urban and rural areas in urban and rural areas in 2025 It is required to reach a city path, and the construction rate of public building accessibility facilities will reach 100%. It will support 1100,000 difficulties in severe disabilities of people with disabilities, facilitate disabilities, and older people.

"In the advancement of the old-age transformation, it is mainly to promote the completion of the urban old community renovation and adobeization. Since 2019, the national accumulated new construction is 10,000 people, more than 2 million people in the country. All parts of the town Nearly 20,000 sets of elevators in the old community are renovated, add or transform all kinds of community service facilities such as pension, buffetting.

Wang Ke said. Wang Ke said, the next step, the Ministry of Housing and Construction will revolve around the "Opinions", vigorously promote the construction of the elderly, and accelerate the construction of the elderly friendly society, "first is to promote urban planning and construction management, promote the old-age , Medical and health, culture, sports and other facilities equilibrium configuration, system layout.

The second is to carry out the improvement of urban ecological repair function, promote the shortcomings of urban pension facilities, unbrocess, and short plates inadequate.

The third is to carry out the construction of urban residential communities, combined with the renovation of urban old communities, and promote the construction of complete residential communities. The fourth is to promote the transformation and utilization of old residential, husband construction, and old factory buildings, promote the installation of elevators, access to environmental construction, facilitate the elderly, and participate in social activities.

We are in the current residential pension service model. At present, there is about 40 million disabled or partial displacement of my country. "Opinions" requires to strengthen the long-term care services and guarantee of disabled elderly.

Improve the long-term care service model from professional institutions to communities and families. At the same time, "Opinions" also requires, based on home pension, through new construction, transformation, lease, etc., improve community pension service capacity, focus on the development of street (township), urban-rural community, two-level pension service network, relying on the development of the community Basic diversified pension service. In this regard, Li Banghua, the head of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, said that most of the elderly hoped that the old age is close to the family, and it is also the old-age model in accordance with my country.

How to achieve a coordination of home and community agencies? "Mainly to play the three ways of playing home on-site services and elderly to community services, and the agency playing these three ways." Li Banghua said. During the "14th Fiveth" period, under the support of the central special lottery public welfare, we selected 42 project regions to carry out the enhancement action of home and community pension services. By delivering the professional services of the pension, delivery to the old people and Bed side, let them enjoy the service of the pension.

In terms of community old-age services, we must focus on the form of serving the old dining table, daytime care, short-term, mutual assistance, etc., so that the elderly can enjoy the old-age service around you.

In terms of pension institutions, on the one hand, the pension institution has to improve the effectiveness, and it is necessary to enhance their ability to take care of the outcomes of the elderly.

By 2025, the nation’s nursing agency’s nursing bed is 55%. On the other hand, we also encourage the pension to open the hospital door, actively actively actively provide services to provide services to the elderly people, so that the elderly will go home or in the community, or to get professional pension services. .

"Li Banghua said.