And Linger New District and related flag counties, municipal direct department work coordination meeting

On April 19th, Chen Haidao, deputy secretary, mayor, and secretary of the party Work Committee of Lingeer New District, presided over to Haihai East and the relevant flag county and the relevant flag counties and the municipal parties.

The meeting has studied the new district branch of the City Market Supervision Administration of the New Area, the New District Branch of the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, the new district division of the city, the promotion of office funds, improve the approval function.

The meeting requires that the new district and the relevant departments should speed up the docking. According to the provisions, they are clearly burden on the main body, responsibilities, funding budgets, etc., and ensure the smooth development of various work in functional departments.

The meeting studied the speed of completion of the North Section of Jinsheng Expressway (Middle Section of Jinsheng Expressway) and the land approval. The meeting stressed that according to the procedures, it is necessary to promote the early stage of the North Section of Jinsheng Expressway, the maintenance of the Jinsheng Expressway, and the organizational strength accelerate the completion of land collection, funding, and ensure that the project is constructed according to plan, and effectively meet the needs of the masses. The meeting studied the "Two River One Corridiatrics" Ecological Landscaping and River Governance Project. The meeting emphasized that the "Two River One Corrid" project involves ecological governance and the interests of the people, the relevant regions and departments should designate the special person, form a special class, grasp the progress, and speed up the relevant work, ensure that the tasks are completed in accordance with time limit. The meeting also studied other matters.

Zhu Jianguo, deputy director of the Linger New District Management Committee, Hao Party, Shi Wen, Hohhot Secretary Li Xiaodong and relevant regions and department responsible comrades attended the meeting.

(Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong).