Hear here,Xia Jian’s face couldn’t help but change,Who is the son of a bitch??Xia Jian cursed secretly,Fists are also clenched,Zhao Hong sitting next to him gently pulled Xia Jian’s sleeve,Whisper:“Don’t make trouble,We still have business to do after dinner”

Which people after eating,Get up and go,The boss chased it out,Said with a smile:“boss,Should you settle the bill?”
“Hurry up,Let’s go together next time!”Out of four,Someone left a sentence without looking back。
Looked far away,The boss scolded:“I want dozens of dollars to fall back,I really lost my ancestors”
Big Thousand World,There is such a parasitic person,Had Xia Jian not been with Zhao Hong,,He rushed out long ago,But not today,If you hurt Zhao Hong, it’s hard to tell。
Finished eating,When Xia Jian walks to his car, Yamaha,Anger came out invisibly,I saw him in the car,Two people have been seated,One of them has yellow hair,Around thirty years old,The other one is a bald head,The other two are standing on each side of the motorcycle。
These four people,Who are the people。Xia Jian walked over,Ha ha smiled:“Dude sits very comfortable,Do you want to massage twice”
Zhao Hong chased up,Xia Jian said:“Don’t make trouble,Let them down is”
“Haha!Where are you guys,This car is nice,Borrow buddy ride,But let this woman be with me,Even better”Bald head talking,Smirk。
The others laughed,Completely ignore Xia Jian。Pedestrians on the road surrounded,These guys are even more incredible,Talking big things that insult Xia Jian。
The anger is out of control,Xia Jian felt that the muscles on his face were jumping,He has never been angry like this,Zhao Hong on the side hid aside wisely。
“it is good!come on!This car for you to ride”Xia Jianqiang holds down the anger in his heart,Hold the motorcycle key in his hand and say loudly。
The bald head laughed and said:“now it’s right,You still know your kid”Said he jumped off the motorcycle,Chao Xiajian strode over。
“give it to me!”Bald head,Really treat yourself as an uncle。
Xia Jian shouted angrily:“Give you”Right fist strikes like lightning,The punch just hit the bald eye socket,I saw a bald scream,The whole person flew out one or two meters away。
The crowd onlookers exclaimed,Someone whispered:“This kid is good enough,Even Chen Sanqiang’s people dare to fight”
The bald head rolled on the ground twice,I covered my eyes and got up,Shouted to the yellow hair sitting in the car:“Cheng Ge,This kid hit me,My eyes may be blinded”