Xia Chenglong turned his head to take a look,This person is not someone else,It is the real dragon of Dahua Country,He never thought of his injuries in this life,Can actually ask Zhenlong to take care of himself,At this time, he is more or less flattered。

Real Dragon smiled at Xia Chenglong,I nodded in satisfaction at the time:“Not bad,Really good,Now he has actually broken through the concentrating state,If you join this time,We should have hope in Dahua!”
There was a little excitement in the tone of the real dragon,You can see him like this in Xiacheng at this time,There is also a slight movement above the expression。
“How long have you not rested?”
The real dragon was suddenly asked by Xia Chenglong’s words,Then he fell into a look of memories:“A month,Or maybe two months,Can not remember,I was too sleepy just now,Fell asleep on your head!”
Actually like them,This kind of cultivator,In most cases, there is no need to rest,But they suffered such a battle,Exhausted,It will inevitably appear to be excessively tired in my heart。
So when they feel tired,It’s inevitable to take a break,But because of the current situation,So the real dragon of Dahua country dare not,Just take a good rest。
Chapter one thousand and seventy nine chat
The situation on the battlefield has changed rapidly,Dahua Guozhenlong,Sit in the center alone,Except for the difficulties in the beginning,Need temporary past support,Have to grasp the whole situation,So now it can be said to be quite difficult。
And Xia Chenglong knew the real dragon when he saw it like this,It should be difficult to pass these months,The bearded man looks like a middle-aged uncle。
There is also a little muddy in the eyes,Not the same as before。
At this time, Xia Chenglong saw the real dragon of Dahua Country like this,There is also a pain in my heart,He sighed softly,Then helplessly shook his head,This war has changed a lot for everyone。