Agricultural Development Tianjin Dongli Branch 139 million yuan loan support green ecological barrier construction

Since the study of the study and education of the party history, the Rural Development Tianjin Dongli Branch has tightly revisited the practice activities of "I do practical things for the masses", actively implement the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government’s in-depth promotion "Zijin" "Bin City" Green Ecological Barrier Construction decision deployment, adhere to the green development orientation, increase credit support, and recently, to put loan billion yuan to forestry ecological construction PPP project in Dongli District, Tianjin, and ensure the construction of green ecological barrier, increase carbon discharge by expanding the ecological space capacity. In order to improve the ecological environment.

According to reports, the loan is mainly used in the construction of green ecological barriers in the "Bin City" double city in the "Bin City", involving the sideways of the western side ecological forest project in the quiet expressway, the junction of the Junshan Railway (Junction of the Ningxian New Zone of the New Sea). Equisical, including approximately 146 square kilometers in construction area. After informed the specific situation of the project, the branch leaders quickly docked the person in charge of the company, carrying out face-to-face, one-on-one communication, comprehensive understanding of the project progress, and disclug the follow-up cooperation.

At the same time, the project will join the key supervision account, update the progress of the loan, and track the supervision, and smoothly promote the implementation of the project.

The designated business backbone is actively docked by enterprises, and two rounds and trips, the door to Q & Che Insuity, providing the enterprise to provide a full-scale full process loan service to effectively alleviate the financing challenge.

After the project is completed, the ecological barrier control area will add 19,500 mu of ecological forests, further accelerate the "Double City Ecological Barrier, Green Confucius", and expand the region. The green ecological space continues to improve the human environment, promoting people and natural harmony, making a positive contribution to building a green ecological livable beautiful Tianjin. (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.