As a person who has been in the ocean for decades, she certainly knows that these are all sea kings of the deep sea。

It’s just why sea kings appear in the shallow sea?
Just one or two occasionally,But she found that there were more than a dozen sea kings wandering,And there are medium and large sea kings。
“Is there something special in this sea area?”Ba Jin is a little uneasy,But not too worried。
Because none of these sea kings can only resist Weibull.。
“son,Rowing,Something may have appeared in this sea area!It’s easy to happen if this goes on。”
“Good mom!”Weibull never refuses,A little harder。
First88chapter Riot of Neptune
As the boat moves fast,There are more and more shadows in the surrounding waters,Those black shadows that are hundreds of meters in the water keep flashing,InformativeMissBa Jin frowned。
“Damn,Why are there more and more sea kings?,Is there something special in front?”
This is her only guess,Because following them,More and more sea kings。
As for the good stuff ahead,Ba Jin has no interest at all,Sea Kings don’t like gold and silver treasures,They like things that can improve themselves,Like food、Life essence。
“Life essence?”
MissBa Jin’s expression suddenly moved,But quickly put this idea behind。
Attract sea kings with life essence,Actually very easy,There are many people who know this method,But who’s okay fishing with this good thing?
Aquaman can be said to be everywhere,Just go to the sea to find。
The essential,Most sea kings are too average,Even large sea kings can’t handle the blow of a lieutenant general。
There is a fart to lure them。