Wintering nourishing principle

Wintering nourishing principle

Starting from the beginning of winter.

The cold climate affects the body’s endocrine system to increase the body’s ability to withstand cold, thus causing excessive scattering of the body.

Therefore, nutrition in the winter season should be based on increased heat.

You can eat more lean meat, eggs, fish, milk, beans and the like and a small amount of food.

  The kidney is the “dirty yin and yang”, the kidney and the bladder are gasified, and each other is in the table.

The kidney is in the five internal organs, the main collection of essence without diarrhea, compared with the six scorpions, its nature is yin.

Yin and yang in the kidney have a regulating effect on the relevant organs in the whole body of the body fluid metabolism.

The kidneys are located at the left and right ends of the waist.

Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is dirty.

The kidney is the “source of life” and “the birth of the heart.”

Kidney essence, the kidney has a closed effect on the essence, kidney growth, development and reproduction.

The “sealing of the Chinese medicine” of the Chinese medicine explains the gasification function of the kidney essence, and can coordinate the metabolism and metabolic balance of the body fluid.

Fine feet are bloody, and sperm and blood are biochemical.

“Being out of the blood”, the hair loss is closely related to the rise and fall of the kidney gas, and the malfunction of the Tibetan essence is characterized by kidney deficiency.

  In the aspect of diet and health in winter, Chinese medicine believes that it should eat less salty and eat more bitter food. The reason is that when the kidney is strong in winter, the kidney is salty and the heart is bitter.

From the theory of the five elements of the motherland medicine, salty and bitter, kidney water grams heart fire.

If you eat too much, it will make the kidney water that is already partial, and the strength of the heart will be weakened. Therefore, you should eat more bitter food to help the heart.

This will protect against the kidney water that has passed.

As stated in the “Four Times Tune”: “Winter moon kidney water tastes salty, fears water and fire, so it is advisable to raise the heart.