350 acres of oil in the town of Baan

The rapeseed flower competition bloom.

Banan District Rong Media Center for the map People’s Network Chongqing March 22 electric weather gradually returned, the rapeseed flower competition bloom.

In Daxing Village, Shilong Town, Banan, 350 acres of frozen flowers in Field, is open, intertwined into a golden field, showing a spring and beautiful scenery.

  Along with a breeze, a piece of rapeseed is dancing, beautiful and moving.

One hundred acres of colored rape flower fields, golden, pale yellow, pink, white, color, and distinctiveness, and a strong spring. Tourists take a photo of the rapeseed flower field and feel this spring scenery. "This year, the viewing period of rapeseed will last until mid-April. The people who will enjoy the flowers can not only feel the fields of the field, but also see the Diaolou, visit the Family Courtyard, experience the farmhouse, off-road kart, etc., enjoy the leisure journey.

"The relevant person in charge of Shilong Town said that from 2019, every year, the rapeseed flowers of Daxing Village will enter the flowering period, and it is the best time for spending flowers.

In addition, every year in March, the public can go to Shilong to see rapeseed, feel the idyllic charm.