The vastness of the Great Court,Flying continuously for a month,It seems that I haven’t seen the border of the Ji Ting Dynasty。

On the way,While practicing,Despite the rush,The three also experienced the different customs and scenery of many city-states and territories in this Polar Mainland。
If you can successfully swear the right to territory,Let Zulong City State have order,This polar court is everywhere in the mainland,It’s really worth visiting。
Famous mountains and rivers、Forbidden Forest、Huodufengcheng、Dragon Valley Holy Lake、Huaguo Snow Town、Salt sea heaven……
Another half month,Finally, the emperor of the court appeared on the horizon,It’s noon,Summer scorches the earth,Among the Purple Mountains of Yinchuan,I saw magnificent cities one after another,Along the ground、Mountains、river、hills、Lake spread。
Stately and majestic capital,It seems to be perfectly combined with this vast expanse of land,Looking from high above,I can only see the tip of the iceberg in this imperial capital。
And the tip of the iceberg is as big as several city-states。
Orderly distribution of city groups,Finally meet in a flat bronze-colored land,And the buildings there,Obviously more gorgeous and majestic,Obviously more sophisticated and stylish,When watching from afar,Seems to have entered an ancient and sacred mysterious country,Quiet and solemn,Long and sacred!
Imperial Palace!
This is where the ruling class resides in this polar continent,Among them there are many Zonglin、Clan gate、Palace、Holy See、Colleges……
Over the Imperial Capital,There are groups of bronze dragons circling。
Even more amazing,You can see above the most central area,There is a floating cloud forest in the sky,purple、Bronze、Golden、White dragon,Back and forth between Yunlin and the imperial capital building。