“Gill you come with me。”

Say,Zhao Xiaoli went out directly。
Then go straight to Li with the wind.。
Li Hui has not succumb to drink before the wind.,He feels that his body should completely resist the past。
But he didn’t expect actually a little drunk feeling.。
Suddenly,He feels that there is a hot gas in the ear.。
Then instantaneous,He has a different feeling。
He clearly remembers,The sensitivity of his ear is Zhao Xiaoli discovered。
Just when he was ready to open his eyes.,I heard Zhao Xiaoli smiled.。
“look,This is not a complete body”“Zhao Jie,I will go back first.。”
Ye Shuanghuang saw Li Hui Feng turned over,It is also scared to ran into the house.。
But after entering the house, she feels that her heartbeat has been jumping.。
Because I just really shocked her.。
Zhao Xiaoli entered the house,It’s also a lot of words.,But this time,Ye Shuanghuang is not listening to it.。
The next morning,Ye Shuangyou slipped away。
Because she dreamed last night.,Actually, I have a dream with Li Hui.,After she wakes up,I feel that after a dream,Some of the feelings of some lost feelings。
Zhao Xiaoli got up and stretched a lazy waist,It is seen that it is already bright outside.。
And the living room of Li Hui’s rumor is also a trace.。
Ye Double is back to your famous room,Change your clothes.。
She feels some magic.,A closed eye is the scene that Zhao Xiaoli made her see last night.。
Especially the other party is not completely,If it is a complete body,She dares to think about it.。
She is a highly objective,Good students with good college,Similarly, she also has a lot of good girms.,good friend,I have also seen a lot of foreign big movies.。
But she is still the first time like Li Hui Feng.。
“Little girl,What do you think??”
Ye Shuangzhou saw Ye Double Double,I didn’t help but ask a sentence.。
“nothing,Where have you been in the morning??
I didn’t see you got up.。”
“Hey-hey,I will exercise with Li with the wind.,But he is very busy,Actually, I was busy planting the class in the door.。”
Li Xiang ranked several workers after planting pine trees,Quietly running exercises to pine to transit into a slight life energy。
Feel the crazy absorption of the pine tree,Li Hui is directly watering,Let the pine be rooted。
Liu Xiangpei is also investigating Li Hui in these days.,Since he has participated in an exhibition with Li Hui,He is completely shocked。
Because Li Hui has been in his heart, it is a small farmer.,I didn’t expect that it would cause him to save.。
Let him surprised,Li Hui’s information, he can’t find it.,All protected。
50 million rockery,He also sent it out.。
After Li Xiangli learned Xiao Chen,Hou Xiaoju received the mind with Li Hui Feng。
Let her haven’t thought of,Li Hui actually sent a rockery back.。
And 50 million prices,Say to send,Her heart has surprises,But more is some fear。