Fortunately, Wang Chu hurriedly ordered the sixth group of reinforcements,Meeting with Shen Yingjie in time to close this gap,Take advantage of firepower to suppress these two people back,Otherwise within a few minutes,The temporary line of defense has been cut through。

Shen Yingjie judges that the number of opponents is between five and eight,Maybe even more,Only a few of them are exposed from the front,So I became anxious immediately,Continue to report to the command。
Although there are only two or three people in front of the opponent,But it has made her feel a lot of pressure,Two fighters were injured after a few rounds of shooting,These people are good at jungle warfare,Very skilled in coordination,And the marksmanship is accurate,Always seize the opportunity,Two automatic weapons keep changing angles and shooting,I can’t hold everyone’s head up。
Not only that,Shen Yingjie is most worried about other hunters who have not shown up after the other party disperses.,It’s hard to find a trace after entering the complex and vast jungle,Where did they go?How can you be so confident,You will be able to know where Li Tianzhen is?
Know that there are more than a dozen search teams in the lockdown area,Daily shift,Look for Li Tianzhi like a plow,Nothing in two or three days,And this group of people just arrived,As if familiar with the terrain,And the long drive straight into the general,Seems to know the approximate location of Li Tianzhen。
Shen Yingjie’s guesses and questions are not unreasonable,The hunters who came this time are the most vicious group around Zhang Zhiqiang,It’s also a murder weapon he specially prepared for Li Tianzhen。
For this Zhang Zhiqiang does not hesitate to pay、Painstaking layout,At the same time invested huge costs,At the same time, two advanced technologies, wireless sensor positioning and biological free radical positioning are used,To ensure that the hunter can accurately know the approximate location of Li Tianzhen as soon as he enters the blockade.。
The wireless sensor positioning device is cleverly installed in the caps of mineral water bottles and some weapons,Like the flying axe,And modular body armor,Even in a pistol,These were all brought into the blockade by the first group of hunters,If they can successfully culled or capture Li Tianzhen,The follow-up means will be saved。
If it fails,Even if some of these utensils were seized by Li Tianzhen,It can also provide accurate positioning for the second hunter,of course,To prevent the occurrence of small probability events,For example, Li Tianzhen didn’t take anything,There is also a technology that uses bio-magnetic field positioning is waiting for him。
Rely on protein free radical magnetic field induction and positioning in organism,This is an immature laboratory technology,Very scary and cutting edge,The prerequisite is that there must be Li Tianti’s blood to cultivate protein free radicals,Extraction of thioferrase substances,And the probability of successful positioning is extremely low,Even so high cost and price,Zhang Zhiqiang also moved it out,It can be seen how strong he is to kill Li Tianzhen。
There is also a possibility to eliminate and filter,In other words, the first batch of appliances to be installed in the sensor positioning device,What should I do if it is not selected by Li Tianzhen?Zhang Zhiqiang also responded,Another group of crappy hunters who came that morning,While taking away a corpse, it also took away all the left equipment。
But expecting them to track and kill the seriously injured Li Tianzhi on the spot is actually quite nonsense.,These people are hired,Not the direct line of Zhang Zhiqiang,They have no jungle combat experience,And the asking price is very high,Originally planned two groups of hunters to encircle Li Tianzhi,The probability of success will exceed 90%,But it was the incompetence of these bastards that failed,They arrived at the designated place one hour late,The day lilies are cold,Only five cold corpses waiting for them。
Zhang Zhiqiang has no choice but to lose his temper,Had to change my mind,This group of idiots can accept the instructions and smoothly take away the bodies of important people.。
Although Shen Yingjie has speculation and doubt,But how can I understand the many complicated things behind,Seeing that the two teams temporarily organized by the king arrived,And began to pinch the killer from behind,She finally relaxed a lot,Hand over on-site command to the group leader,Then lead the three warriors to find other hunters who disappeared。
in fact,At this time, at least a few hunters pounced on a very hidden cave from different locations,It is very close to Yukou Rock。
Yukou,As the name suggests is the valley or the place where the valley begins,But at the southern foot of Xi Laofeng,Actually refers to a gap in the huge mountain that suddenly uplifts at the foot of the mountain,Yukou Rock refers to a large number of forested rocks around the gap,Big and small,It looks like a karst terrain。
Tens of meters high,The small ones are only a few meters square,Surrounded by dense vegetation,It’s hard to get a complete picture at a glance,It is the most complicated topography at the southern foot of Xilaofeng。The cave where Li Tianzhen is hiding is under a huge rock less than 300 meters west of Yukouyan。
The cave here is almost completely covered by vegetation,No sunlight all year round,Find such a place,Li Tianzhen is helpless,I can’t remember how many places have been vacated in a short time,In short, more than a day,The toxin that had been sealed in his body suddenly broke out twice in a row,The pain of being tortured,The worst,Forcing the colorful feathers on his chest to once again threaten the Savior。
But this time Li Tianzhen clearly noticed that the colorful feathers were already weak,The burst of light stays for a very short time,Almost instantaneous,But solved the big problem,Soon Li Tianzhen, who was struggling with support, was relieved a lot,The higher and higher body temperature also began to fall rapidly,A popping sound comes from the depths of the Lingtai,The entire consciousness space has changed from muddy to clear,Sweat all over,As if it had just been fished out of the water。
Li Tianzhi’s surprised discovery,Since poisoning,The virus that has been stubbornly harassing meridians everywhere is gone,He quickly penetrated the tentacles of consciousness into his body,From meridian to organ,And then to blood vessels and various tissues,The biochemical virus that was transmitted from Huaishan really disappeared cleanly。