In the afternoon,Chen Wenjin stopped by the road,Saw Lin wearing school uniform,With headphones,Stand quietly,Said hello with a smile:“Awaited。”

“It’s ok,Let you take a trip,Very embarrassed,Chat with Butterfly and Xiao Gao at noon,Actually, I don’t have any doubts about Big Bear,but I think,Maybe a friend needs to vaccinate the big bear in advance。The most suitable one is Xiao Gao,But he cares too much about Big Bear,It’s easy to misunderstand me,I might think that my reminder is a denial of Peach,So I think you are more suitable。Butterflies also think,Her friendship with Big Bear is not enough to bear this responsibility,Not only has no reminder function,And it will make the bear disgusted。”Lin’s words go straight to the subject,At the end:“of course,This is my unilateral idea,Your will is decisive。”
“Let’s talk while eating,What to eat?”Chen Wenjin already knows what Lin meant,But act as an unpleasant reminder,As a friend of big bear,Originally he was willing。
“Rice noodle bar,Haven’t eaten some days。”Lin said as if she wanted to eat too。
“Don’t take care of me like this,You bothered about the big bear and peach,I will be with you today,Pick what you like。”
“Actually I don’t have a special hobby,Almost the same,Have to say preference,Just add an ice cream。”Lin said so,Very convincing,At the end,She smiled and said:“Peach and Big Bear,You should be the one who contributed the most,The former life brings their relationship closer quickly,And make them feel for each other,And full of confidence in the future。”
Chen Wenjin……Almost embarrassed。
but,It’s still almost。
The point he is thinking about is,The rumors of the pre-life relationship did not convince Lin at all……Otherwise, she should be curious about the truth or not,Or origin。
“Many things are not convincing enough to say directly,Mysterious and mysterious things are deeply rooted in people’s hearts,What you say makes people feel reasonable, and naturally makes people believe five or six points,Combining with reality makes people believe eighty to nine points,Even convinced。This is much better than just reasoning,Like feng shui,Understand carefully,You will find that many Feng Shui theories are in line with the needs of the previous built environment,Say it in feng shui way,Easier for homeowners to accept。”Chen Wenjin feels bad and bullshit Lin,Then said again:“But from this you can also understand my attitude,I am affirmative and supportive of Big Bear,This should also be something you need to confirm。”
“I think,One who believes in love,Someone who is serious about feelings,Silence should be the bottom line,Isn’t it possible that you will be abusive for friendship?。”
“It’s true,I’m silent for Abao,Your criticism also makes sense。But be an accomplice,Really can’t do。”Chen Wenjin stopped the car,Walked to the rice noodle shop with Lin,Ordered food,He asked Lin again:“Are you worried that even though Big Bear is sincere to Peach,But there is no way to know how long he can bear this pressure?At the same time I am worried that Peach will accept Daxiong’s will,Will you change your mind in the future and make Big Bear unrequited for his efforts??”
There is worry in Lin’s eyes,Nodded and said:“Yes。Big Bear seems to be prepared,But his mood should be hotter now,In fact, I don’t think that bad situation will happen,I think he needs a serious reminder from a friend,Let him be mentally prepared for the possibility of facing bad situations。One person pays for a long time,Suddenly lose all meaning,I think the blow is very heavy,Not too easy to accept。But i say so,In fact, it’s not denying peaches,just because of——People will change,What I can be sure of is the current peach,But there is no way to be sure what will happen to her in the future。”
“The future is indeed uncertain。”Chen Wenjin can’t tell now,Because of the current situation,He knows that there will be none in the future。“Your worry is necessary,Also very kind,I will find a chance to talk to Big Bear,Let him know enough about the risks。”