Black glasses froze,what?

“I mean everyone here,All rubbish!Let’s go together。”
Look around,Qin Feng stands with his hands,No longer converge,The strength of the human realm is like a raging fire in the night,Lit in midair!
Anyone who has practiced,Seeing Qin Feng at this time, I understand。
This person is not only a liar,On the contrary, he is an expert who has achieved lofty achievements in cultivation!
“Ha ha,Want to lie again?,You really treat me as a three-year-old child,I can take care of you alone……”
I haven’t finished talking about black glasses。
Qin Feng raised one hand,Take it with an understatement。
In the case of no reaction at all,Hit him on the shoulder。
It’s like being hit by a train instantly。