Old people keep in mind that eight forgets is good for health

Old people keep in mind that “eight forgets” is good for health

First, forget the age: the physiological age of the person is objective, but the psychological age is different, it reflects the mental state of the person.
Someone has just passed the year of the flower, and always hints that he is old.
This negative psychology is the enemy of health and longevity.
The ancients said that “people don’t think old, veterans don’t” is justified.
  Second, forget about resentment: a person who plantes the seeds of resentment, wants revenge, and even tries every means to ponder the methods and timing of revenge, so that people can not rest in peace.
If you can forget the resentment and peace of mind, it will be beneficial to longevity.
  Third, forget the grief: If a loved one encounters a natural disaster or a man-made disaster, it often makes people immersed in grief and cannot extricate themselves. If the time is too long, it will damage people’s physical and mental health.
When you encounter such a thing, you should open some and get rid of it as soon as possible.
  Fourth, forget the anger: anger is irritable, qi and blood blockage, blood pressure, heart rate, and even illness caused by anger, why is it because of the temperament of health damage?
  5. Forget about sorrow: sentimentality is a breeding ground for disease.
Modern medicine believes that sorrow is the main source of depression.
The sentimentality of a lifetime can lead to a variety of diseases, and eventually let the disease take life.
  6. Forget about remorse: Everything that makes people regret becomes history as the years go by, and should be lifted and put down.
I always want to regret things that I can’t regret. I can only hurt my heart for a long time.
  Seven, forget about the disease: I am troubled by the disease, always thinking about the disease, nervous and fearful, will make the immunity decline, but make the disease worse.
If you are sick, you must take it for granted. First, you must overcome it mentally.
  Eight, forget the fame and fortune: fame and fortune is the pursuit of people’s life, must be treated correctly.
Especially for the elderly, only forgetting the fame and fortune, contentment and happiness, and being an optimist will make people live longer and healthier.