“I!”Zhang Zhiqiang pinched Zhang Mugen’s arm hard,Implying that father’s life is important,He has a way to leave safely with this token,But Zhang Mugen seems to be determined,In a violent rage, Zhang Zhiqiang kicked somersault,Sternly,“evil creature!I’m not dead yet,How do you decide?”

“okay,Stop acting in front of me。”The leader is already impatient,Life and tokens have money for everything,More and less, he doesn’t care,Arm swing,“Hands on!”
Two men in black each rushed towards father and son,A bang,Zhang Zhiqiang pulled the trigger,A man in black fell over,The other party is actually not a magician?He froze for a while,Immediately refreshed。
even if‘Blood shadow’Notorious,But not everyone is supernatural,Zhang Zhiqiang immediately turned his gun to another guy,But what happened next surprised me,The man in black who was hit actually got up again,Charge at him at a faster speed like nothing。
Chapter VIII Familiar scene
Zhang Zhiqiang pulls the trigger continuously,The man in black finally fell before his eyes,I haven’t eased my breath yet,His neck tightened,A pain in the arm,Another man in black has shot the pistol,Caught his vitals,Zhang Mugen next to him was behind the two men in black who repeatedly kicked over,The leader finally made a move。
Suddenly a loud bang,The golden light shines all over the yard,A giant tower-like man rushed out from the room on his right hand,Suddenly sawdust fly around,Masonry splashing,Dusty,A giant in heavy armor strode,The giant mace in his hand whizzed down at the leading man in black。
Man in black horrified,And Zhang Mugen was surprised to know how powerful this puppet is,Gulu stayed here so far,Bang,The giant mace smashed a big hole in the ground with a radius of more than ten thousand meters,The man in black who can be avoided dare not neglect,Then jumped,Drew a black box in the air、Slender soft whip,Hook on the branch at the foot of the courtyard,The body is flying towards the trunk like a spider。
The power of this blow,Zhang Zhiqiang and the entangled man in black were shaken to the side,He took the opportunity to get rid of the threat,Drew out the dagger and stab the man in black fiercely,Zhang Zhiqiang in extreme chaos、Lived in a bloody environment for several years,Every life and death battle,The feeling and cruelty of the battle are far beyond ordinary people,This knife pierced the opponent to the heart。
But only then pulled out the dagger,The man in black who was struggling with death seemed to be full of vitality immediately,Raise both hands,Tightly clasped Zhang Zhiqiang’s arm,Waist twisting,The legs are already on Zhang Zhiqiang’s shoulders,Creepy,Zhang Zhiqiang left**Dagger,Pierce again fiercely,Avoid the danger of being crossed by the opponent’s legs。
Haven’t completely got rid of the opponent,Zhang Zhiqiang heard the almost abnormal loud noise,The tall puppet cut off the thick trees in the corner of the yard.,The canopy like a giant umbrella crashed down。
The man in black moving between the treetops fell to the ground,After receiving the soft whip like spider silk,Draw a thicker black soft whip from his waist again,Shake his hand to the giant’s bottom plate,The swish entangled the puppet’s calf,Fight against each other,Trying to pull down the puppet。
The puppet is so powerful,He can’t pull,The man in black is cruel,I don’t know what I’m talking about,Slap one’s forehead with one palm,Drew several soft whips of different thicknesses from the waist,Blood spurts out of his ghostly mouth,Several soft whips were alive immediately after seeing blood,Transfigured into several thick pythons,Fast wandering,Go straight to the puppet。
The puppet’s giant mace falls again,A bang cut off the soft whip wrapped around the calf,A screaming scream rang across the night sky,The whip wrapped around the puppet is also a python,The man in black yelled and spouted blood,A lot of confusion,Obviously injured,The python that the puppet slashed is his life treasure,Treasure is a waste,Mind was hit immediately。
influenced by,The actions of the other men in black also slowed down immediately,Zhang Mugen and his son took the opportunity to kill one by one,The man in black who was fatally hit failed to stand up after falling。
Bang,Another python was abruptly pulled off by the puppet with both hands,The man in black,Whistle,The rest of the pythons that participated in the attack flew back to his hands,He once again offered a soft whip like spider silk,He raised his hand and hooked the nearest eaves,The body slid over the roof,Going away。
Where would Zhang Mugen and his son think,The scene of deja vu is staged again,I saw the puppet calmly carry the giant mace on his back,I took off the longbow and long arrows,At this time, the man in black has jumped off the roof and disappeared,But the puppet still bends the bow and shoots the arrow step by step,Do not see,Whoosh an arrow shot,A golden streamer flashed across the night sky,Really good-looking,Then I heard a scream,Extremely short and thick,As if it just started and stopped abruptly。