“You stay in Yucheng for a while,Why do you have the same as your mother??”

Amusement is not pleased。
“My son, I just don’t know what should I say.。”
Demertion,After the captive surrender,Gao Baoyi,All said。For example, how is Gao Boyi proposed?“Ten kill”,How to play“Publicial review”Such as。
Listening to the gold cold sweat,Even this book is warm in the spring,Also let him feel the cold。
A person’s weakness to human nature,Actually understand so thorough!Direct education is not cold!
Dendrobel is thinking about it.,If he is also a member of the captives,It is estimated that no morality is,But it will crazy down。
What is the prostries?,In order to live,For the family, it can continue,There is any ugly thing that can’t be can’t do.?
And finally let“Protocol”Pick up the butcher knife,Killing them in the circle“Enemy”,It is a stunning roller’s hair.。
nice one“Kill people”what,It’s really dirty and beautiful.。
Gao Bi does not seem to kill a person,He even has no dirty hand,No ordinary military person。I solved the people who want to solve.。
Anyone else can’t say anything?。
Demertion,Amusement is silent for a long time,As if sculpture,I didn’t say a word.。
“How is your father feel??”
“Not,I will take you home.。For the father to stay here。”
Dendrobium is full,But decentric,His old man seems to be a little trembling。
“My father said.。”
“Roll roll!”Armor gold impatient。Summary,He took out his hand,Twice,Hand put a blush。
“Ancient and modern things,都 中。hehe,Bunny,He De,Can you write this sentence。Even so,But the old man will not compromise。”
A person who has some neurons like a person。
NS1044chapter Last gear(Down)
Billow back home,This is the real home.!
Although the family, the family has moved to Yucheng,But his youth era,That is to spend Jinyang。That is the best memory in life.,The most energetic period,It is often accompanied by a bright and beautiful memory.。
One grass here,It seems still,However, look at it,But completely different。
“correct,The things that the Dadu Corporation is still there yet.!”
Dendrobline suddenly awake,I will talk to the old man in the city.,Pouring your job forgetting!He is here to persuade.!
But older law,It seems that it is a pair of don’t want to talk.,What should I do??
Want to reverse,Always feel。
Duan Zhao hangs,How many things are not clear?,Is it necessary to funeral?
The old man is old confused.?
The Light of the Light feels that this is completely alive with his savvy.。
If the old man is in the law,Hard is not surrendering,Will not irritate Gao Bo Yi?To know,Gao Baoyi,It is now estimated that all the beautiful dreams are doing the right.!You play now“Ning death”,I am going to kill in Jinyang.,At that time, you will definitely make Gao Bao’s fire.。
Think here,Just asleep, the Light, the Light, joined from the bed.,Just wearing clothes,I still think of a thing。