This woman in front of me,It looks like a graduate girl just out of school!consultant?How many years,To climb to this position?

Ok!Have a story?
The audience in the live broadcast room was as surprised as Brother Hu,Never expected,The cultural relics consultant of such a big museum,She is a girl in her early twenties,not00The girl behind?
“Hello there!I am Ye Xin,Cultural Relic Advisor of Provincial Museum,Nice to meet you today!”Ye Xin reached out generously,Active handshake。
Populus euphratica wry smile:“Ye consultant,You surprised me,too young。Then,I beg you today。”
“in fact,Not young!My eight.Nine years,work here,It’s been several years。”Ye Xin is not like other girls,Keep a sense of mystery about your age,Very open。
She was very good when she was studying,primary school、Both junior high school and high school skipped。Major in Archaeology,Because of excellent results,Was invited to work at the Provincial Museum。
After arriving at the Provincial Museum,Amazing talent is appreciated by the curator,You don’t have to be qualified,I was promoted to the position of cultural relics consultant。Some people even suspect,Director Fang is cultivating successors。
Everyone,Surprised again,Eight.Nine years long like this?Tongyan??There are skills!
Hu Yang glared at Hua Tsai:“Narrow your eyes,People who don’t know,I thought you saw a monster。”
As soon as this word comes out,The audience in the live broadcast room can no longer hold back,All laughed wildly。
“Hu Ge,How can I say this?”
“but,I like this fairy。”
“like?Go to school,Can be mixed as consultant,Definitely a superb character。”
“do not do that,in those days,I am also a top ten student in my class!Give some face。”
“brothers,How many people are in a class?Top ten,I am ashamed to say Xueba?and,Your class won’t be an ordinary class, right?”Only 80 and 90 people,I remember that the school has a distinction between key classes and ordinary classes。
“what!Brother, you also know the normal class?I was dropped from the bottom of the key class,You can get a top ten in any test,So cool!Since,I never thought of entering the key class anymore。”
In key classes,Study hard every day,Can only be a poor student。And in the ordinary class,Sleep every day,Still a good student in the teacher’s heart,Who wants to go to the key class to find abuse?
“puff!You are laughing at me?”
“Do not laugh,then……Ugh!Forget the past!”