“Two hundred and twelve yuan liquid,You want to be crazy,Eight human-level magic weapons alone are more than this price.。”

“Ha ha,Now it’s time to pay worship to Saito once http://www.qingshihuangfei.cn every ten years,Yuanye is all enshrined。Yuanye is naturally expensive。”The white-haired old man glanced at Li Ming,Said:“If you buy some other things,Can be regarded as an additional 20% price。。If you want to,It’s 21 Jin Yuan Ye,Not much。”
Yuanye,Is used by practitioners‘Gold and silver’,Just this‘Gold and silver’,Can save the ascetic,Can increase the total amount of vitality in the body。
Innately entered the Purple Mansion,Almost 100 tael liquid will not produce much,And if the monk of the Purple Mansion successfully stepped into Vientiane, it would cost a thousand catties of Yuanye。
but,The small world of Lei Yuan is squeezed by Saito,The hard currency of Yuanye is enshrined in large quantities,Which caused the actual value of Yuanye to soar。
Simply put,Deflation,‘Yuanye’More valuable。
Li Ming bargained with the white-haired old man http://www.stdz158.cn for a while,But he is not good at this,I still couldn’t get more fluid。
finally,After half a day, Li Ming was full of unpleasant expressions‘Fuxi stick formation’,And a bottle of ninety-two two yuan liquid,Ready to leave Jumbo Pavilion。
Fuxi stick formation,Magic weapon of formation,Can evolve more than 90% of the formations in the world,It is very suitable for Li Ming who is currently thinking about the formation.。
“Daoists please http://www.rengangkeji.cn stay!”
Li Ming shook his face,I heard these words during the time of the Conferred God,But there are some psychological shadows。
but,Knowing that the other party is not Shen Gongbao,But didn’t leave directly,But looked back。
“Good,The old man sees such a happy deal,Presumably。。。Do not misunderstand!”Looking at Li Ming’s eyes,Explain quickly。
“There is an auction on three days,If you are interested, you can participate,Here is the invitation to the auction。Haha,Fellow Daoist chose here for a long time before,I chose a set of Fuxi stick formation,I believe there are many things that Daoists need at the auction。”
Li Ming did not refuse,Accepted the invitation,Turned away。