Liu Shenjian is not the kind of person who suffers,The other party wants to target them,OK,Then come on!

the first time,Liu Jianshen pulled out the sword in his hand,Martial arts。
Worthy of being the power of the first family in Beihai County,Liu Shenjian’s sword definitely cut out his majesty and status。
The whole stone dragon turned into powder at the moment the light appeared,There is nothing within 100 meters,People can’t help but swallow secretly。
At this moment,Everyone wants to hide their strength,Do the final sprint,But since someone started,Then the next thing is very exciting。
Canaan Luo started,He is very simple,The position of the stone pillars between the swings was forcibly changed,So that they touch themselves。
The Wang family was shot by the person who was covered by the black robe in the first place,Their king’s method is domineering,So the black robe man’s methods are also extremely domineering。
Raise your hand,An arm stretched out in the black robe,Then put it down gently。
The seemingly ordinary movements become unusual in the opponent’s hands。
The slap that looked light and light just now,Directly pat the strange stone pillars within 100 meters in front of them into powder,And it looks like a palm。
Just the hands exposed by these few,Enough to be called,The top five places in the North Sea,Although they didn’t show their real strength,But from the point of view just now,People here are definitely not inferior to Dan Qiusheng’s existence。
When everyone becomes serious again,The situation here is basically resolved,Next is the turn of each family,Dashed a way forward。
And after fighting in this heart for more than half an hour,Those strange stone pillars no longer move,The main reason is that the scattered stones block movement。
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Four Boulder
Stop seeing these strange rocks,Everyone reunited,Fortunately, I didn’t receive any serious damage,Except for a small number of people with minor injuries,Everything else is ok。
“Everybody,I have repeatedly emphasized,Don’t move,Otherwise, no one can afford the consequences。”Canaan Luo looked gloomy,If there is something to say。
This incident was obviously caused by a personal error,So everyone can’t say anything。
“All right,Jia Pai,Let’s go through here first,I always feel insecure。”