Moon Half Alice is on file, so fat Guan Xiaotong wants to fall in love with Huang Jingyu?

“Moon Half Alice” is on file, so fat Guan Xiaotong wants to fall in love with Huang Jingyu?
On January 9th, the love movie “Moon Half Alice” starring director Zhang Linzi, directed by Zhang Linzi, Guan Xiaotong and Huang Jingyu, released a fixed poster and a notice. Is it officially announced?March 6, 2020?Released.”Moon and Half Alice” discovered the fat girl Lin Xiaoxi, because of an accidental turning into a beloved big beauty Alice, so with the sweetheart Han Bing (Huang Jingyu) and popular idol Huang Ke (Guanhong))) Staged a romantic romance comedy.Han Bing, played by Huang Jingyu in the film, is the “walking iceberg” in the eyes of outsiders. As an inaccessible male music god, he is willing to silently guard Lin Xiaoxi (Guan Xiaotong).In the teaser released this time, through the affectionate monologue of Han Bing, he and Lin Xiaoxi’s unforgettable past scenes from the small to the big show in front of the audience, endure all her small tempers, accept all her small flaws, and accompany herTo realize even dreams that seem unrealistic, in order to satisfy the star chasing girl Lin Xiaoxi’s desire to fall in love, Han Bing accompanied her to lose weight.As the first screen cooperation between Guan Xiaotong and Huang Jingyu, the two also hope to encourage every girl through this film to be brave and confident and boldly pursue their love.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Li Shihui