After the Internet industry to identify the amount of over 20 billion registered, do so in the future

  The Internet is an important support industrial restructuring and development of industrial enterprises, the development of the Internet industry, the construction of identity resolution system is a key task.

Recently, the Chinese Information and Telecommunications Research Institute statistics show that my country’s industrial internet logo registrations has exceeded 20 billion. This means that what the industrial development of the Internet, how should the next step to better develop? Industrial development of the Internet into the Internet industry "quick landing of" Why do we need to identify? The so-called identity, that is, the product, the unique code assigned to the device, product, equipment "identity card", associated with its life cycle by identifying information; identity resolution, data acquisition is accomplished by querying the network address identifies its associated data.

  Identity resolution is the nerve center of the industrial core of the Internet, given a unique identifier (digital identity) through to each machine, products, parts, and algorithms, technology and other physical and digital objects, identity resolution system by means of the Internet industry, promote the formation of Identity-based information interconnected world, achieve interoperability and sharing of common data in the Internet industry.

  After more than three years of development, the Internet identity of registrations usher in the explosive industry. October 2019, the Internet industry logo registered amount of success exceeded 100 million mark, December 2020 exceeded 10 billion, in May 2021 exceeded 20 billion. From 100 million to 10 billion, the industry took a year’s time, from 10 billion to 20 billion, which lasted less than six months. Internet identity registrations of industrial explosive growth, thanks to the Internet into the more industrial sectors. For example, the new crown pneumonia outbreak, food cold chain traceability become the focus of attention. There are industrial enterprises through the use of Internet technology to identify, cold chain products imported to create a security code to protect the cold chain for food safety. And after the performance of the Internet industry in enabling digital transformation in all walks of life began to highlight, local governments are keen to accelerate the pace of construction of the Internet industry, the introduction of relevant policies, a clear development goals, to promote the industry to explore the practice.

  "East and West" layout architecture initial formation of the early development of the Internet industry, there are a lot of complex network environment, information is heterogeneous, fragmented data, can not be unified management and identification of equipment and information systems.

For example due to the lack of a standardized system of technical standards, many companies use private identity, leading other companies can not be read; several upstream companies use to identify the downstream business requirements, resulting in the need to maintain multiple identity systems.

Based on these challenges, the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication presented and promoted the construction of unified management, interoperability, secure and controlled Internet industry identity resolution system. Industrial Internet identity resolution system architecture is composed of the national top-level node, a node in communication with the country’s top national "root" node, two node, the node enterprises of four layers. Among them, the national top-level node is the core hub for identity resolution system.

Chinese Academy of ICT as a support unit construction and operation of the unit and the national top-level node of the Internet top-level design of national industrial identity resolution system, has now completed the construction of five national top-level node and stable operation in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chongqing, "things and west "layout architecture initially formed four booster Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay area, the western 10 provinces, provinces in central, north nine provinces overall development of regional integration. National top-level nodes such as Shanghai, as of the end of May this year, 49 have access to two nodes, identify registrations over 6 billion, involving electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, road transport, textile, apparel industry and other 15 industries, service covering the Yangtze River Delta region. Two nodes are directly facing the industry to provide services is to promote the identification of innovative services, the promotion of identification solutions, promote the industry and prosperity to identify, build self-controlled industrial identity resolution system in my country’s Internet industry, the starting point.

Up to now, the Internet industry has been building identity resolution two nodes deployed 134, covering 23 provinces 28 industries including shipbuilding, container, petrochemical, food, medical equipment and other key areas, forming a kind of typical application scenarios 18 product lifecycle, etc. .

At the same time, identity resolution system and Alipay, the shift things together, Ali IoT, rice and other public terminal docking business, expand identify scenarios to enhance the ability to identify universal service resolved. Promote identity resolution for the future integration of innovation, industrial innovation and integration of new technologies and the Internet to identify system is speed.

  "Industrial Internet innovation Action Plan (2021-2023)" issued by the Ministry of Industry proposed "identity resolution enhancement action" requirements of the building is compatible with an open, global services, the identity resolution service system, and promote the identity resolution block chain, big data technology integration and innovation.

Built on identity resolution of the block chain infrastructure to support the deployment of not less than 20 around the integration node-based chain that identifies the resource block allocation, management, interoperability and other basic services.

  Based on the development of new identification requirements, Chinese Information and Telecommunications Research Institute led the construction of a national chain block new infrastructure – "Spark chain network."

The facility is based on the construction of the existing national top-level node, to continue to promote the digital transformation of the industry, to further enhance the capability of independent innovation chain blocks, while planning for the digital economy "new infrastructure" layout.

  "Spark chain network" will be the main scenarios for the Internet industry, to identify this number of key network resources as a breakthrough, to promote application development block chain, to achieve the role of engine of the new infrastructure. With the constant improvement of identity resolution system, "Spark chain network" will play an increasing role in the data elements of the interactive industry, promote industrial innovation and integration of Internet applications.

(Author: Gao Qi Chinese Academy of ICT and the Internet of Things Industry Research Institute Vice Chief Engineer, China Academy of ICT and the Internet of Things Industry Research Institute engineer Zhang Qing).