Big Xiong Temple,Good thoughts incarnation from Ding Chunqiu chest to collect palms,The latter is stiff and taking up,The body has not been stained to the ground,Conversion makes a flying gray。

No strong fight,Uncomfortable,Only a slap in the wind,It is unpredictable to Dingchun, which is everywhere.。
Da Xiong Temple,A purple mouth Zhang ChengOtype,Ding Chunqiu’s voice is still in front of him,Brain a blank,I can’t believe that Ding Chunqiu is so gorgeous.。
It turns out that the old fairy is so delicious.!
The people in the field saw Ding Chunqiu dead.,Under the context, they think they are on,But very quickly,This idea is annihilated。
Not Ding Chunqiu, too much water,But the old man who sweeps the floor is too fierce.。
A row of men’s knees have gold sound at the same time,Stars send disciples to knead it is a simply destroyed,Refreshing and generous。
Not only,Still cry,Also shout。
“The world bitter star is old,Fortunately,Today, there is a Shaolin Shenjun,Finally let this devil’s volts!”
“Thank you for saving me, etc.,God, you don’t know,We are all justified by Ding Chun, autumn,When I was eight years old, I was turned by him.。”
“Ah, ah.,Ding Chunqiu is dead,Dead well,My big hat is finally reported.。”
“Shaolin God,Borderless!”
The river is endless,Good thoughts,Do not move,低 呼 声,Shock all the people who must be sloppy。
“Although the Buddha has a demon,But compassion is not willing to kill,Less than 10,000,Will not reveal。”
Is good things?:“Donor,Xiaoyu is unwilling to make killing,But you are a black smoke,Also in the Daxiong Temple,Not only disrupted the Buddha door clean,Harm, my workload increase,I don’t have to kill.,Don’t kill nor”
Wait a minute,Isn’t you shocking us to vomiting blood??
You can,Should take morality,Can’t tell!
I heard the good and understanding,A group of people have swallowed,Organic spirit,Standing in the back row,I have already started running at this moment.。
“Can’t kill,Not killing is not good,Minimal wisdom limited,Then I can only take half of it.。”
Good thoughts of incarnation raise hand to high altitude,And fiercely turned over,Faint:“My Buddha compassion,All beings,I am not qualified to determine the life and death of the donor.,so”
“Who is dead?,Look at God!!”
High-altitude,Red-railing fire burns red half the sky,As the bang shock is more and more,Yunhai waves,One covering big hand-bombing pressure,Fingerprint is clearly visible。
霎 time,Boundless pressure,Dead, shrouded the hill where the entire Shaolin Temple is located.。
Chapter 563 People want to catch some things in a nervousness
Yunhai collapsed,Golden Radiant。
Clouds breathe,Friction high temperature high fever flame,Make big hand printed packages a ragoon fire,Air distortion,The joint space is shaking.。
The terrible power of the remote looks is from the sky.,Everyone’s face is gray,The whole body is soft and weak,Just feel air sticking and fine,In vivo water, instant evaporation。
I’m dying!