The danger during the day is much greater,*The effective kill range of the night is more than doubled,Ling Feng will become more difficult to deal with。

Start again,Everyone is extremely cautious,But the strange thing is that until I enter the second cave,No trace of Ling Feng was found again。The cave is more spacious,It’s much easier to walk than the cave before。Li Tianzhen noticed that there are some dangerous places that have been artificially repaired.,It seems that Ma Tsai is still honest。It’s just that there are fork roads everywhere in the cave、Fork hole,If there is no guide,It’s easy to get lost,Trapped inside。
“Is there a change in the mountains?“Li Tianzhi occasionally chats with Ma Zai who leads the way,Although the other party has limited knowledge,But I can also feel the abnormality in the mountains,In addition, Wu Fang’s unusually smooth operation seems to indicate that his guess just now is not impossible.。
More than half an hour later,This nearly five-mile cave has finally come to an end,The sun is shining outside the cave。A steep slope appeared in front of everyone,Here is out of the dense forest area,There are strange rocks and trees everywhere,Almost nowhere to be found。
The steep slope is also part of the mountainside,The slope slows down at the foot of the mountain,Downhill gradually,Vegetation gradually sparse,shrub、Grassland、Rocky beach,Structured,Is a typical river valley landform。really,Looking into the distance, there is really a sparkling river,Not very wide,But the blue water is rippling,Extreme beauty。
Far end of the river,Two rugged peaks rise from the left to the right,Formed a breathtaking canyon,The mist in the canyon can not be seen inside,The Bihe, like a jade belt, stretches into the depths of the canyon。
“Just go in the canyon in front。”Ma Zai reminded。
“Good place!Unfortunately, it became a poisonous den。”Li Tianzhi said coldly,“Xingguo,There is still Qibali Road at the mouth of the gorge,Let’s take a break。”
Everyone found a relatively gentle place to sit around,Did not eat or drink all night,Everyone is already exhausted。Tao Meng took out the marching kettle,Give everyone a moisturizing throat,Even Ma Tsai treats him equally,Flatter this guy。Li Tianzhen noticed that Quan Xingguo also has an identical marching kettle,But never moved。
Checked Wu Fang’s location again,Seems to have climbed the second mountain,Less than ten miles away from them。Everyone is not shy about Ma Zai,Brief discussion,Decided to go to Taniguchi first to find out the situation,And then wait to meet Wu Fang。
Meet up soon,Everyone is excited,So speed up。Less than an hour,Taniguchi is already looking into the distance。The sun is shining,The mist in the valley gradually dissipated,The scenery inside is faintly visible,The canyon is wider and deeper than imagined,Lush vegetation is distributed on both sides of the river bank,Birds and Flowers,Like a fairyland。
“I rely on,Paradise!How does it look like winter here,It can be used for tourism development!“Tao Meng praised。
“Leeward of the valley,The temperature inside is higher than outside,And the water source and light are sufficient,Blessed。”Quan Xingguo nodded his appraisal,Seems to be very good at geographic environment。