He started to worry,Qiu Yun is most afraid of thunderstorms,He wants to rush over to accompany her。

“I’m sorry Mingyue,I want to divorce too,Let her live the life she wants,But neither of you agree。mom,something,I do not want to say,You still don’t ask。”
When Mrs. Lu was young,,Also a resolute woman,Has a strong woman who won’t let her beard,Getting older,Slow,Not confused,The son obviously has something to say。
Lu Jinning didn’t plan to say,but,He knows his mother’s temper,Don’t explain,She won’t let it go。
Forget it,Qiu Yun has been misunderstood for so many years,She should be fair。
Speaking,Or when they met again for almost a month,once,He goes to the bank,When coming out,The president personally sent him awayVIPaisle。
A glass door,Isolated two worlds,His side,YesVIPPassage for guests,Solemn and quiet;there,It’s where ordinary customers do business,Bustling。
Just walked to the door,Just about to come out,Glance,I saw a familiar figure walking towards the counter,He didn’t think much,Not to say hello,Got in the car and left。
The car went to the first crossroad,Waiting for the red light,He suddenly ordered the assistant who was about to go forward,Let him check about Yang Qiuyun,The more detailed the better。
Assistant Ning worked beside him after graduation,It’s almost 20 years,Don’t say anything safe,Not much not much,This kind of privacy matter,Leave it to him,Rest assured。
a week later,Assistant Ning put the collected information on his desk,Didn’t say anything,Bend slightly,out。
Not much information,A4A few pages of paper,Seeing him furious,and also,Distressed!
Just sweep,Objects on the desktop,Including the new all-in-one machine,All fall to the ground,Assistant Ning heard the noise in the office,Close your eyes slightly,Continue to work。
Can Lu Jinning not be angry??Lu Yao,His favorite baby girl,six years ago,She is only sixteen,He went abroad to discuss an acquisition,Because of details,Originally planned to do well in one month,I can’t talk about it。
During this time,She had a car accident,Comminuted fracture of lower leg,Damaged cheeks,The operation went well,but,If you don’t have plastic surgery later,,A good face is ruined。