No matter what others think of George,It’s okay to please,Climbing Dragon with Feng Yeba,He doesn’t care。

Anyway, he regards Chen Limu as a reborn parent,Noble man in life,An elder who cares a lot,Report in detail。
After Chen Limu listened to George’s report,There was a long-lasting happy expression on his face,Boast:“well!well done。”Then got up and moved slightly。
George follows,Waiting for Chen Limu to give directions,Help analyze the current situation。
But now,Chen Limu kept silent about career-related matters,It can be seen that Jack the Dog accidentally disappeared,Give her a big shock。
The person sent to find no valid information。Let her change from hope to disappointment,Despair again。
I can see that Chen Limu doesn’t want to worry about other things in vain,George hopes Chen Limu can provide constructive advice on his career,Inconvenient to ask about this situation。
George knows what it means,Quietly accompany Chen Alimu at this moment,Is what Chen Limu hopes most。
Chen Limu suddenly turned around and said to George:“It’s late,I’m tired too,You go back today。”
“Ok,What do you need George to do,Even though,I’ll go now。”George bowed farewell,
He narrowed his mouth habitually,Just turned around,Shouted by Chen Limu“George”。
George thought Chen Limu called himself something,Turn around,Looking at Chen Limu like a mother。
Chen Limu blinked his eyelids as heavy as lead,Open your lips as heavy as a stone,Squeeze a sentence:“thank you,George!”