Little Woman director praises Quentin Let the world be saved by filming video

“Little Woman” director praises Quentin “Let the world be saved by filming video”
Sauna Night News recently, at the 31st Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Ceremony, the director of “Little Woman” Greta Gowerg created the best director of the year award for Quentin Tarantino.In addressing the awards, he pointed to Quentin ‘s profound influence on himself: When he was a child, he eagerly paid attention to the “Pulp Fiction” in the recording store; when he grew up, he responded to Quentin ‘s substitution and filmed “Little Women” with film.Greta Goveg said: “Quentin Tarantino makes movies just like movies can save the world.”Movies can kill Hitler, liberate slaves, and give Sharon Tate one more summer . He made the filmmaking of the video itself as important as if they were both elegant art and populist art.They use exaggeration to tell the deepest truths to the broadest crowd, and confidently believe that everyone will get better because of these experiences.”Quentin Tarantino and Greta Goveg.The picture came from the Internet. After listening to it, I was moved to tears. When I took the stage to receive the award, I thanked Greta Geweige for mocking him so bluntly. “I often joke that when someone wants to face me, I will说,‘就像我死了一样地去谈论我。’They never did it, and you did it.”Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreads Wei Zhuo