Milk and honey help treat pediatric anemia

Milk and honey help treat pediatric anemia

The results of research by American scientists say that nectar replaced by milk is the ideal medicine to help treat anemia in children.

  According to research data published by the Children’s Health Institute of New Jersey in the United States, children with anemia
Eat nectar 100 replaced by milk every day and night for 30 days?
150 grams, will receive a good treatment effect-the patient’s blood red blood cells and hemoglobin content increased, the patient’s dizziness and fatigue symptoms disappeared, better sleep, improved complexion, anemia cure.

  Both honey and milk contain iron and other minerals that treat anemia.

The darker the color of honey, the more minerals it contains.

For example, buckwheat wheat and alfalfa honey juice, the former contains trace elements such as manganese, copper, etc. 24 times higher than the above.

Therefore, it is better to choose dark honey to treat anemia in children.