Development of small farm machinery industry, cracked arable land "fragmentation" problem

  According to Xinhua News Agency, Changsha, December 8 – (Reporter Tan Jian, Liu Wangmin) Today, arable land "fragmentation" is still the biggest bottleneck of large-scale agricultural development in hilly area of Southern.

In acres of arable land per capita is only Shuangfeng County of Hunan Province, this situation is about to change.

  "I planted 500 acres of rice this year, all agricultural operations, convenience and peace of mind, efficiency is planted in the past five or six times." Shuangfeng large grain Li Yuan said.

  Shuangfeng is located in the hilly hinterland of Hunan, the per capita arable land, "fragmentation" serious "congenital" environment is poor overall advancement of agricultural mechanization. In recent years, relying on booming small local agricultural industry, the county agricultural scale operation rapid development, agricultural cooperatives registered a total of 108, 48 acres of land transfer. Shuangfeng County Agricultural Services Center director Shu Bin told reporters both bimodal and vigorously promote the "Internet + agricultural service" model, realized from the sale of farm machinery, maintenance service to make an appointment, the whole process of online check payment of subsidies, to enhance the operating efficiency of agricultural, farm machinery resources are fully utilized.

  Recently, this reporter saw in Shuangfeng County Agricultural Exhibition Center, nearly as large as 10 meters high circulating grain dryer, small enough to be out of a small rotary tiller freely in vegetable greenhouses, sprinkle drug equipment Beidou system UAV …… all kinds of small agricultural everything.

  "At present, the county’s agricultural production of small products cover more than 60 varieties over 300 models, as long as the farmers want, where basically you can buy.

"Shu Bin, both said existing county agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises 85, 70 above-scale enterprises, practitioners more than 30,000 people, with supply from raw materials to product development, manufacturing, sales, service as one of complete industrial chain. According to understand, in the 1990s, the local fire 30 years of state-owned agricultural machinery plant exit the stage of history. promising small agricultural technology is simple, broad market, some of the laid-off workers and the self-employed to take over the baton of agricultural production, have run from the agricultural machinery plant.

Two to three years, the county’s agricultural machinery manufacturers on more than 200.

But the good product low levels, lead to the homogenization of low-cost disorderly competition, many manufacturers did not stay long to "close their doors." In view of this situation, the local agricultural Shuangfeng brand, enterprise, conducted a series of resource integration, combining the strengths and encourage differences in management, and built a professional agricultural market under government guidance.

A series of reforms to make bimodal agricultural soon get rid of the image of cheap and shoddy. 2019, Shuangfeng Yongfeng town (now Yongfeng street) was included in the first batch of special industrial town in Hunan province, Shuangfeng County has quickly become the radiation, to enter the agricultural production and marketing overseas.

Under encourage and guide local governments, bimodal agricultural enterprises to accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading, invited academicians expert team stationed feature of the town, and the establishment of Fellow (post-doctoral) workstation, set up hills Academy of Agricultural Machinery, a joint 19 with 35 scientific research institutes enterprises to carry out research cooperation, through the internet platform, remote Genesis, network share, has set up three state-level R & D platform, 10 provincial-level R & D centers. "Currently, bimodal farm machinery sales network throughout the country, average annual sales growth of more than 10%. Not only traditional rice mill, dryer small market share stable characteristics of the first, newly developed tea Sheller, etc. farm machinery sales is hot. "Shu said both bin. "The future bimodal small farm in addition to continue to consolidate the domestic market, but will also focus on opening up overseas markets for ‘along the way’ along the country." Shuangfeng County deputy magistrate Dai Yong told reporters that at present there are many companies in Africa bimodal, Southeast Asia and other places to set up sales service station, built a "overseas warehouse" and after-sales service network, long-term presence of professional technicians to provide after-sales service and technical training for local farmers.

Editor in charge: Li Hui.