A round of artillery,Hanjiang three people admission。 Qi Yana did not shoot under the command of the bud,Three people are close to the killing,Team with special tacit。 Especially after the North Chen, the Beichen of Hanjiang is upgraded again.,And the direct tacit understanding of the http://www.ccyhg.cn buds。 “Ding,Bud clothes goodContinue Reading

The first is to clarify the main responsibility of the unit. Adhering to "who manages who is responsible and who is working and who is responsible", all units have effectively assumed the responsibility of the prevention and control of service security personnel such as cleaning, security, property, service, cafeteria, maintenance,Continue Reading

After that, the school that was riding a mountain bike chased,Calmly http://www.bigdress.cn look at him:“President,Come on。” President’s heart,Difficult to describe。 So the school brother also exceeded him。 That is a shabby giant,A little more expensive than the entry,It is also the model of the rotten street。 The president will neverContinue Reading

In November 1949, our army entered the southwest of the Great, and the three major fields participated. After the Erye 3rd Corps and the 47th Army of the Sino, after breaking through the Baima Mountain, the soldiers pointed directly at the "accompany the capital" Chongqing, while the 5th Corps wasContinue Reading

“Ha ha,Now it’s time to pay worship to Saito once http://www.qingshihuangfei.cn every ten years,Yuanye is all enshrined。Yuanye is naturally expensive。”The white-haired old man glanced at Li Ming,Said:“If you buy some other things,Can be regarded as an additional 20% price。。If you want to,It’s 21 Jin Yuan Ye,Not much。” Yuanye,Is used byContinue Reading

Secretary Wang sighed and said:“Two people can drink a bottle of wine?Unless you want to get drunk。Things are like this,I’ll come to Donglin Township for more than a month!One day a woman from Mengjiawan Village suddenly came。This woman is called Gao Xiuli,People are the same as names,Looks very beautiful“ “ThisContinue Reading

Yan Lijuan, a representative of the National People’s Congress and director of the National Key Laboratory of XCMG high -end engineering machinery. Interviewees confessed to People’s Daily, Xuzhou, March 10 (Yan Feng) Innovation is the first driving force for development. At the National Two Conferences of the country this year,Continue Reading