Toned,Cold light flashing,“You are a smart person,I hope you are smart.,Otherwise!” There is no left.,Deep staring at Wei Ran,Spiral,“We walk。” “Be!” Everyone in the hall,Follow the way out。 Wei Ran also slowly standing up,I have been looking at these people’s back,Glitter。 Another side,Elsa and everyone just walked out ofContinue Reading

“fine,We are talking about the dessert.。”Han Jiang smiled in the mouth without the shape of the dessert。 Qi Yanna stretched the dessert in his mouth,“Spring dress,No matter what shape is delicious。” Bud clothes blush。 Break time,Bronia looks for the next unpacking,Han Jiang continues to clean the battlefield。 Mappier,Cracking beastsContinue Reading

The rest is the meat that everyone misses most,After questioning,Someone told them,The east side of the vegetable market,Opened a new butcher shop,There seems to be unsold meat,Xia Jian and Sister Cuilian listened,I don’t know how happy I am,I just bought the vegetables on my back,East of Zhenben Vegetable Market。 IContinue Reading

NS2686chapter Roll up,kill you! 2686Next Xiao Feng’s voice is not high。 But it is clear from the ear of every person in the court.。 Some people face the face,Some people have no expression。 Some people have the eyes and disdain.,Some people have been laughing。 They dare to challenge,It isContinue Reading

Really, the sentence is too much to think.。 “Don’t be noise here,Go on one side。” It also……Too clever。 “See what I did?”Summer is surprised,Welcome the eyes of the second night,“I just talk about it.,Hey,I didn’t expect silly missing things.,Really climbed。” Letter you blame。 Second night dark belly。 This scene inContinue Reading