Bronia manipulates heavy bunny,Calm explanation:“All data in the data space is very ideal,No real world accident factor interference,Bronia can play a theoretical maximum output。”

A round of artillery,Hanjiang three people admission。
Qi Yana did not shoot under the command of the bud,Three people are close to the killing,Team with special tacit。
Especially after the North Chen, the Beichen of Hanjiang is upgraded again.,And the direct tacit understanding of the buds。
“Ding,Bud clothes good feel5。”
Han Jiang is helping the buds to block a dead,Sudden ringtones in my mind,What’s wrong?
In the past, Hanjiang didn’t help the bud knife when I was in the long-air market.,The girl’s mind is too difficult to understand.。
Four teams cooperate with tacit understanding,Fierce,Solved the collapsed animal group with very fast speed。
The natural database starts to score,Four team combat scores9029Minute,excellent。
The final round is left here.,It is also the most critical round of assessment。
Need candidates to use immersion mode into virtual space,The first round is one of the team rescue,The last round is the upper limit of detecting personal strength.。
Tenian data will be tested according to the top three,Motion simulates the right collapse。
The collapse of Hanjiang is strong than the first test.,But Beichen has risenLV4,The process of fighting can only be tough。
At the end of the afternoon,100Middle school17Name student getBLevel Internship Qualification,82Name student getsCLevel female Wushen title。
there’s still one,The best achievements,Strength score reachedB,Just one stepALevel of Wushu。
“End of the assessment,Everyone has two days of holiday。”Ji is announced by everyone。
When everyone is dissolved,Qi Ya is not happy.,It is necessary to have a quick play game in the two days of rest.。
“Qi Ya, you left.。”Ji Zi, such as Mu Chunfeng,Next, cold ice。
“Category grades are not bad,This week is going to prepare a female Wushen Qualification Exam. There is no time to manage you.,Next week。”
I heard the proclaims of Ji Miss Han Jiang stole music.,Sample,Also plan to pull the back,This is retributed.。
“You smile?”子 冰 眼 神 韩 江。
??What’s wrong?
Han Jiang immediately became a faceless expression,Sixth Tell him that no longer leaves。
“Two weeks,In addition to the Ten days of Sunday Sunday,You only have four days in the school,Where have you been in other times??”Ji sings。
Han Jiang’s mouth and said:“I have something。”
“Don’t think that I don’t know that you have two lessons.,Your grades are just bare and grid.,Follow Kiyana,See your true level and grid.,Still good luck。”
Ji’s trial fell on the head of Hanjiang。
Qi Yana did not have a gloating heart,Low head is pulled with arms,As the body swings and swing。
“How to do it!!”
Han Jiang sighed and said:“Tutor,What can I do?。”
“I forgot to say that,Qi Yana escaped, why don’t you stop her?,She doesn’t have to have your reason.,If you have two other tests, no one!”
This moment, Han Jiang can’t wait to be on the palm of your own.,Why was it to be tempting。