Zhang Hongyang did not expect that Li Hui Feng would be so confident.,No grades come out,I have found him.。

Can Li Hui’s excellent,He is, the more you don’t want Li to leave,After all, there is a topic student in the school that is a key cultivation.,Even in the future can be used to promote。
“You are sure that you can achieve better than others.?”
Chapter 38 Chapter In advance layout
“Um,The top ten still can do it.。”
Li Hui’s replies are very calm,But the self-confidence is still let Zhang Hongyan feel。
“hehe,Confident is a good thing,You wait two first.,The result came out,Promise your things naturally won’t let you down。”
“Forehead,No need.?
I am confident that you can do it before.。”
“Um,I am also for you.,In case your results do not meet the standard,Then buy a train ticket,Run back,Isn’t it a waste of money??”
Li Hui Feng saw the smile in Zhang Hongyang,Suddenly understand,This is very clear that Zhang Hongyang doesn’t want to let himself go.。
“Hey-hey,President,I am not bad.,Let me go back first.,There are still many things in the village waiting for me to go back to solve it.。”
“hehe,You a college student,Not party members and cadres,What can you go back??”
Li Hui Feng looks like the other party is the iron, I want to wait.,I don’t want to continue to debate the other party.。
“OK then,Then wait for the results,However, Zhang President is to remember to promise me before.。”
“Haha is right.,rest assured,You can do it,I am absolutely no nonsense.,You go back and wait for two days.,The result will soon come out。”
Some speechless leaves the principal office。
Why didn’t he think that Zhang Hongyang will play this set with him?。
But he is not anxious for a two days.,Think of tomorrow Sunday,He decided to continue to visit everywhere.,See if there is any project that has a good development of the village。
Just when he thought,The phone ringtones are suddenly sounded.。
See call display,Li Hui immediately smiled and turned up.。
“Lee,do you have time tomorrow?
I invite you to eat a big meal.,Willing not?”
Zhou Miao also does not want to play this phone,But I thought that Li Hui Feng actually came to school after going to school.,I can’t help but be angry in my heart.。
Other classmates boyfriend are a phone porridge every day.,Alone Li,She doesn’t call,Li Anti-style is definitely not to give her half a call.。
Li Hui also heard the voice of the teeth of the teeth.。
Think of this time experience,It’s also a little embarrassing。
“Hey-hey,willing,Of course I am willing,There is a beautiful woman to invite dreams.。”
Li Hui’s words let Zhou Miao feel the anger of the hearts of Zhou Miao immediately disappear.。
“Row,That tomorrow, I will find you.,You wait for me in the school gate.?”
“Forehead,Tomorrow, tomorrow,Still I am looking for you.,Let you come to find me more,And we are not far from。”
Zhou Miao is still satisfied with Li Hui’s words.,Especially in the face of Wang Ru, who is still awkward, it is also a face.。
“Humph,Also do you know,That tomorrow, I am waiting for you.。”
Conclude,Zhou Miao is also the imitation of Wang Ru.,Mount the phone directly。
“Hey, our seedlings are actually spoiled.,Waiting for you”For the ridicule of Wang Rua,Zhou Miao is also an urgency。
But think about it, I really feel very shy.。