“These three will definitely know martial arts,Even Earth Star’s famous swordsman,It is impossible to cut out the afterimages continuously,There really are extraordinary powers in this world!”

I saw unicorn pythons use spells,Wang Hong thinks that this world should have cultivation methods,Now see these three fighting,I am more sure of my guess。
“Just don’t know these three,What grade in this world……”
Wang Hong squinted his eyes and observed for a long time,Secretly thinking。
The black man with a knife,In his opinion, it is estimated that it will not be much worse than Tian Boguang in the smiling proud rivers and lakes,Maybe not as good as,But the speed of the knife is really amazing。
And the precarious man and woman are not ordinary people,The young man uses an epee,Although the speed is far behind the black man,But it’s powerful。
Occasionally cut to the ground by accident,A deep gully will be formed in an instant。
Petite woman,Holding a handful of Emei thorn,This light and short weapon,The man in black who meets the knife is quite a loss,Only rely on light work to harass outside,Reduce stress on men。
But the strength of the two is obviously far inferior to the man in black,More and more stab wounds on young men,I can’t support it now,Immediately shouted at the woman not far away。
“Junior sister,You go,Tell the master everything,Ask his old man to avenge me!”
What the woman just wanted to say,The man in black sneered:
“go?Can you go?”
The voice hasn’t fallen yet,The black man’s sword flashes,The seriously injured young man,Kill the woman with a backhand,Obviously don’t want to let her go。
Although women have average combat effectiveness,But light work is very good,Can be dodged by lightning fast,At the same time,Fled quickly。
It’s just the direction she escaped,It happens to be where Wang Hong is,Let Wang Hong, who used to eat melon and watch the show,I panicked instantly。
“I just eat melons,Why do you pull me into the water?”
Wang Hong was hiding in the tree,Few people will notice,But the woman with her light and flexible figure,Leaping and shutting across the trees without stopping,Make it difficult for the man in black who chased her to leave a knife。
Such a response is indeed correct,But it hurts Wang Hong who eats melons。
Seeing that the two are about to reach the tree where he is,Wang Hongyi gritted his teeth,Quickly take out an exquisite hunting crossbow from the backpack,Aiming at the man in black,Ready to wait for him to get close before shooting。
The reason why I chose to shoot the man in black,It’s not that Wang Hong was upset,But because the men in black are more threatened。Besides, masked murder in broad daylight,80% is not a good thing。