Wen Ye Jun’er looked stunned,Whole body off,The bones all over my body are bursting,Because of the cut just now,There is no doubt that he has exceeded the limit he can bear。

The bones cannot withstand such a big impact,Burst。
In a blink of an eye,Wen Ye Shunji, Tier 5 Power Mutant,The most promising young powerhouse in the Toyo Self-Defense Force,Bleeding all over,The whole person is like a blood gourd。
The famous knife he treasured as his life“Zhan Lan”,Has broken into pieces,There is no possibility of repair。
And he broke out with all his strength,The giant statue that was slashed,But there is only a slight crack on the thigh。
Chapter 819 Zuma statue
A battle team led by a Tier 5 force mutant,A burst of power cut with almost Tier 6,Did not cause effective damage to the giant monster statue。
This scene in the rain,The surviving officers and soldiers in the house have despaired。
Oh my god!What kind of monster is that?!Why is there such a strong combat power?
Firearms are not effective against it,Can even carry rockets,Such a good combat team,It collapsed completely in less than three minutes in front of it,Is that thing invincible?
Snapped!The giant statue raises its feet,He stomped Wen Ye Junjisheng, who was seriously injured, into a puddle of flesh。
obviously,That monster has no humanity,It’s impossible to have any compassion,That’s a machine that was born to kill。
boom!A cannonball accurately hit the body of the giant monster statue,It blasted it back two steps in a row。
boom!Boom!Three more shells roared away,Hit the giant monster statue,Blast the armor on it to pieces。