300,000 mu of high-standard farmland demonstration marshma work officially launched

  On the morning of October 30, with the rumbling machine, the 300,000-mu high-standard farmland demonstration square production was officially launched.

  It is understood that the 300,000-mu high-standard farmland demonstration in Jixian is the largest food production ribbon in the county. It is also one of the most severely damaged regions of the large flood disaster. Since mid-July, it has been affected by many rounds of rainfall and upstream continuous venting. The 300,000-mu high-standard farmland demonstration is overwhelmed by floods for two months. The crops are all removed, the production facilities are exhausted, and food production capacity It suffers from unprecedented hit.

  In the face of ravaged floods, in the face of heavy tasks, the masses of the majority of party members in Jixian is not afraid of challenges, the more the battle, the support of the national, provincial and municipal, speed up the drainage, and to repair the agricultural resources, repair production facilities .

At present, the 300,000-mu high-standard farmland demonstration in Jixian County has completely accompanied by wheat sowing conditions. According to Dong Wenquan, Director, Director of the County Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, this year, the flood disaster leads to average daily high-standard farmland demonstration of the county, through dredging trench, mechanical plug-in, etc. It is completely deep farm condition. The launching ceremony is located in the core area of ??300,000 mu of high-standard farmland in Qixian County. I hope to encourage farmers to firmly confident, feet, kind, kind, and improve the amount of sowing through the quality, appropriate increase, and strive to achieve this year’s late broadcast. No production next year. "Waiting for so long, I finally began to sow, I have been happy, I have been happy!" The person in charge of Yixian Weiyi planting professional cooperatives is a large grain of 300,000 mu of high-standard farmland demonstration, he is excited. Tell reporters, you can complete the sowing work before and after year on October 5, this year, although it has been broadcast, but they have used wheat varieties suitable for late broadcast, and plans to complete more than 12,000 plaheted work in a week. (Reporter Chen Chen, Henan newspaper, full media reporter Jiang Xiaofang) (Editor: Snior, Huang Sha) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.