“What is the story of the really Mother?,This patient。”Xu Xiang Tianshi is panting。

Zhou Yewu is also tired and passionate。
The family of Baihe, who is far away, watching the doctor, shouting,The heart is also happy,I want to rush it in.。
But it was stopped by the security personnel.!
“Successful rescue,Feel your heart medicine,This guy,Oh shit,Still let the introduction of the internal medicine giant,I am so afraid that he will come again to three hundred and sixty degrees.。”Zhou Ye Dynors into the cardiac consultation phone,Some helpless。
This malic disease,Still need to have a better handset expert?。
The phone is directly contacted the crown teacher who knows the previous cardiac.。
“What situation,Emergency?Xiao Wu,Have you had a cold recently??How to suddenly viral myocarditis。”The head of the phone is also surprised.。
Sudden viral myocarditis
I know.?
Zhou Ye is smirk:“I also explain it.,director,Or you hurry down to take this patient away.,We have just rescued it once.,Now the vital signs are still stable,Need you to go out.!”
soon,The internal medicine will take the bed to let the white river go in.。
Zhou Yewu and Xu Xiang Tiantian,Also the family of Baihe stopped,Especially the old man is very angry。
“Why did you come to the hospital last day?,My grandson almost almost”The old man pointed at Zhou Yewu’s face。
I don’t know how to justify it when I am.。
Xu Xiangtian,Directly in front of Ye Ye:“Yesterday, your grandson did not have a viral myocarditis.,How do you let us judge??And why did your grandson have not returned to emergency??I will take myself back.!”
The old man was hung by Xu Xiangtian’s momentum.,Mute voice。
At this time, the Parents of the White River pulled their mother.,Both people still understand the transformation。
“The doctor spent a lot of efforts to rescue a river back.,mom,Don’t say it.,Human work”
Baihe Parents apologize to Zhou Jixu and Xu Tianguo。
Zhou Ye is understanding the emotions of people,Naturally, I will not say more.。
He just shakes the hand:“fine,The responsibility of our doctor is to save people.,Maybe it’s a fault to save, we are wrong.。”
Zhou Ye talking to some confused。
Xu Xiangtian pulled Zhou Ye:“Xiao Wu,Are you OK。”
Zhou Ye is laughing:“What can I have?,Maybe like the old lady,It is a serious medical skill.,Yesterday, I didn’t find the problem of Baihe.。”
at this time,The atmosphere is very embarrassed。
The old lady seems to be aware that he is too much.。
Yes,People doctors have tried to rescue。
Why do you have to add a blame??
Don’t you save a doctor?,Isn’t a good doctor??
I suddenly somewhat awkwardly for my medical path.。
This evening he went back to think about it for a long time.,Until the sky flying over a roaring plane,He suddenly realized。
Be a person,Still do the same as the airline of this sky,Standing at a very high angle to see the problem can be suddenly opened。