“Left and left roads can be different,If the Oriental Church、Calenter’s top,I have to make a friend.,Dragonfly flying monkey jumping dunks,Who and Chu?”Chu Deirers said very much.。

Be right,This“Three hair on Emei Mountain”,Knowing nickname,Originally the evil master in Emei Mountain,Later, in order to avoid extinction chasing,This is sweeping the world。
“That is awkward,Chu Tai Year’s mouth,Have you ever extinct to the god sword sharp!”Mao Gongjan is angry。
This“Three hairs”In Chu Deire,Change to a forward master,That is, the level of the last move。
It is absolutely low to say,In the small evil group,Be a number,Every phase of the 12 stars,Half is not the opponent of three hair……
But dare to come and learn more than Chu Dee,Then I can only say it.“Unfinished evil”!
As long as the base is large enough,Will not lack“Unfinished evil”Man——Especially Murongjiu intends to hide down the track,At 3 rumors,Chu Deirers and South Muro did not walk,Otherwise, it is also enough to shock。
“Small red,You come!”
“Three hairs”I only see that the Chu Deirers will engage the left arm of the little red bird.,The right hand is in this bird’s back,The bird is then like the arrow of the string、It seems like a fire in the sky,倏 倏 忽 自己 自己 人 人 人!
Facing a group of red,The first reaction of three hairs is not surprised.,Instead, the disguise of the deer people……
Chu is a red bird, what is the red bird?,I have never heard of three hair.,Although it is a member of Chu,Raise a bird、I don’t want to understand some domestic animals.,but……That’s a bird,I dare to rush to my own brothers.?Who looks down??
Don’t say this bird,Even if you are Chu too old……
Just listen to the three screams,Fur corn、Caterpillar,There are already three blood cavula.,Summer’s outer home is more porcelain,The eye is not awkward,But it has also been broken,Blood tears and face,Seeing this trick is also abolished.……
Chapter 367 Cool off
Blink,“Three hair on Emei Mountain”This three pairs of eyes,Already two pairs of two……
Only caterpillar is obtained and reactive,One palm hit the small red bird,Only suffered a eyeball。
However, the little red bird is also a matter of time.、Continue to fly,Abolish the furmalage,It’s so good to fly back.,Obviously there is no injury!
When Xiaohong returned to the shoulders of Chu Deirers,Don’t forget“Moon”Called three sounds。
Chu Deirens have a tacit understanding,This is reminding yourself not to forget it.“Meal”。
Caterpillar is only the left eye with the brothers.,Death is staring at this speed、Focus on the small red bird with internal force……
Unfortunately, the caterpillar has not seen two months ago.,I just met the little red bird when Chu Deiren,Otherwise it can be compared,Little red at this time,The overall size change is not large,But the feathers are obvious and smoother、Faintness,Especially the tie,Not only a bit more,And more conformity,Unlike ordinary birds。
Be right,Last two months,Chu Dee“Tire”Real gas,Small red interaction,Not only do you have change,Xiaohong has gradually changed——Just like the coffin of Xiaoxiang,I have long been more tough than ordinary wood.。
More significant changes are intrinsic……
Xiaohong can’t cultivate itself,However, it is like a coffin of Xiaoxiang.,Can carry the internal force of Xiaoxiangzi,Little red to the internal force of Chu Dee,Also adaptable,加 楚 楚 人“Orthodont”,Can be reserved in a small meridian——When Xiao Hong is flying out,Chu Deiren pushed,It is impressed into internal strength,So in a short time,Little red speed is again improved,And there is an internal force body!
Now small red,Even if there is no Chu Deirers,And Yunzhong Crane is also fully five5,Chu Deirers“Makeup”,Within these three tricks,Can completely kill the cloud,Sneak attack Yue’s old three or even Ye Erdiang is not full。
“Chu Tai Yam Bird Scenery,Three Mao high climbs you this friend,This warned this.!”Caterpillar is dry and hoarse,On the side of the hair rooster、Sabeon’s trousers。
The latter two also endured screaming and not open,Under the pulling of caterpillar,Leave quickly。
Chu Deirers have been scared、I still have two small thiefs who live on the ground.:“Who killed your brother、What is it now?,Not going out?Don’t mix green forests later!”
Two living thieves? I am busy with the Chu Deirers.,After the arrival of the fart。
“Why don’t you have the three disgusting guys??”Mu Yuqing said special“nausea”? Naturally“Three hairs”。
“Their enemy is more? Now two and a half,I still want a full tail?Kill directly? It is cheaper.,I have to let them know? What is called‘Afraid’? Enjoy the feeling of enjoying everywhere!”Chu Deirers said? Have already taken out“Shenmu Wang Ding”,Otherwise, the little red is born.。