Earn 200 million in one go,This opportunity,Xin Zhao hasn’t tried many times in his life,It’s absolutely hypocritical to say you’re not happy。

Security personnel on site,Come around right away,Prevent accidents。After all, this is an emerald worth hundreds of millions,Anything can happen。
“Worked hard,Invite everyone to dinner later。”Xin Zhao told the security foreman。
“Thanks boss!this is what we are supposed to do。”
After seeing Biaowang’s calcination process,Some talents start to disperse,Someone broke the stone on the spot,Some people don’t plan to solve here。
Free solution,Of course Huazai solved it on the spot。Huazai’s 50,000 won tender wool,I solved the jadeite worth three to four hundred thousand yuan,Envy the large group of live broadcasters。
This is more than ten million,Billions of,Get closer to them。
Bought for 50,000 yuan,In the blink of an eye, the profit is about ten times,The cost is not particularly high,Many of them can bear it。
For a time,Many people have the idea of going to bet on rocks。But soon they also realized,Hu Ge is the key person,No brother Hu,Huazai can’t make so much。
“Still have meat with Brother Hu。”
“I want to eat meat!嘤嘤英!”
Chapter Two Hundred and Seven You have hatred with Song Jewelry?