Eliminate brain fatigue and handstand to help you

Eliminate brain fatigue and handstand to help you

With brain fatigue, try the handstand method to eliminate fatigue.

  Adopting the inverted position can increase the supply of blood to the brain, improve the ability to supply blood to the brain, eliminate brain fatigue, restore physical strength, and increase the ability of the cerebral blood vessels to resist pressure, make the cerebral blood vessels flexible, and effectively prevent cerebral hemorrhage.

  The viscera is also upside-down when it is inverted, and it can also be used as an adjuvant treatment for certain diseases such as splanchnia and hemorrhoids.

  You can choose a handstand in the gym or learn this simple little yoga exercise: kneel on your knees and sit close to your heels.

The upper body is prone on the blanket with the forehead on the ground; the hands are naturally placed on the body with the palms facing up.

Forehead is the fulcrum, slowly move the center of gravity forward, and then try to use the ground above your head as a support point.

After holding for 5-10 seconds, slowly shift the center of gravity back to the starting action.

  It is particularly reminded that all handstands should not be performed after meals, and are not suitable for patients with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, eye diseases (such as retinal detachment), ear diseases, etc. If you have a cure, you should not practice spine injury and pain.