China’s Youth Sports Development Thoughts

A Wang Xiaozan has introduced "Sports and Health Course Standards in 2001, which marks the transformation of China ‘s physical education guidance thinking. The guiding ideology before 2001 is to enhance students ‘physical fitness, pay more attention to physical education courses on students’ physique.

After the 2001 curriculum standard promulgated, the guiding ideology changed to health first, so the physical education course also changed the sports health.

Han Dongqing said from the school, what is the relationship between health sports and competitive sports, in fact, we are very entangled.

Just talking about competitive sports, because most of them, we have to care about the health problems of most people.

However, from the perspective of national image, ethnic image, school honor perspective, the sports competition can’t get the championship.

Li Xiaowei implemented quality education since 1999, our education concept has turned from a few people to everyone.

This transformation makes our physical education concept have also changed significantly.

In the past, the binding of sports teachers is to improve the talents at the level, and now more is for talents in the popularity. I have always attached great importance to sports, I always think that sports is a means, and the Lord Tree is fundamentally.

In the Shenzhen Luohu District Campus Football League, we will ask your child to actively participate in the event according to your own specialty.

At the same time as sports, our school has also passed the college entrance examination. Therefore, as long as it is handled, sports and learning are not mutually exclusive, but can develop together.

San Li Xiaowei Family is the first school in life, parents are the first responsible person of children.

We must now propose a concept that parents are the first responsible person who grows up healthily. To ensure that the family can have enough sports activities, change the "5 + 2 = 0".

Let the family sports have become an increment, reaching 5 + 2 equal to 7, or even greater than 7.

In a sense of Han Dongqing, the school sports is mandatory. The school’s physical education class has "forced binding", as students must be on. However, family sports does need environment, interest, and demonstration effects can be promoted.

In many cases, parents’ exercise ability is even more than children, long here, and children will reject family sports in the subconscious, which is very disadvantageous for home sports environment and atmosphere. Wang Xiaowei can not deny that compared with school sports, my country’s family sports development is serious and some lag, and many of our school’s physical education is very good, but if we just pay attention to school sports, ignore family sports. Question, the healthy growth of children is "5 + 2 equivalent 0" four-Korean holly every child’s personality, different children, different children, development is different.

The promulgation of the "Outline" has practical significance, but also puts higher requirements for school physical education. Be sure to do high quality development from three aspects: First of all, the young sports should be the development of all students; secondly, the comprehensive development of students; the third is to pay attention to the child’s personality.

Wang Xiaozan’s "Outline" released to all industries in sports, will cause educators to think with heart.

However, from the perspective of the entire country and social development, sports strong country should first break through the competitive sports, and then lead the people through the characteristics and spirit of competitive sports, guide the whole people to participate in sports, including teenagers.

How to make the children grow up healthily, from the spirit of the sports in sports, it is worth thinking. Li Xiaowei this year is an important year of my country’s comprehensive development of a well-off society, and health is also an important consideration. The promulgation of the Outline made us more profoundly recognize the importance of campus. School sports should integrate sports powers, educational powers and health China, focusing on cultivating adolescents. Adolescent health should be formed by school, government, family, and society to solve it, it is not possible. Click to view more in previous reviews.