Traditional Quartet Integration Red Party Shi Yili Drama "Three Education Street 41" in Han

"Walk, I will take you into a turn!" Along with the melodic melody of Hubei Song, September 11, the Red Quyi drama "Three Education Street 41" is in repairing a new Wuhan Theater. "Three Tegrant 41" was guided by Hubei Provincial Wenmpia, Hubei Quyi Association, Wuhan Culture and Tourism Bureau, Wuhan said the group creative performance. The drama named the "Eighth Seven Conference" site to cover the "Eighth Seventh Conference" smoothly as an entry point, put Hubei review, Hubei drum, Hubei Xiaogu into the plot of ups and downs, with the true sound and light in the theater The effect, showing the "Chu family", the revolutionary spirit of self-sacrifice.

On the stage, Lu Yi family and the anti-war government patrolman fighting the wisdom, he sacrificed, and passed the "Time and Space Dialogue" and came to the New World of the New World – 21st Century.

Under the stage, many viewers were immersed in the plot and dropped tears.

Director Xu Yulong, "This drama realized the leap from Lu Yi to the Lu Ying drama, all the masterborn people poured a lot of heart blood, the actor’s emotions were always invested, and the spectators can listen to the music, but also watch the drama. Audiovisual enjoyment. "The national second-level actor of" Mei Mei "is in the middle of the national second-level actor Yao Yuling, and when you read the script, you will also be touched in your heart.

On the morning of the 12th, the Seminar of Lu Yilu drama "No. 41", the chairman of the Chinese Song Association, the famous intercounted performance artist Jiang Kun, deputy director of the Chinese Ren Art Review Center, "China Art Review", Deputy Editor, Yang Xiaoxue, "China Art News "The Director of the Commentary Director Qiu Zhengang, Hubei Provincial Party Committee Director He Guangyao, Vice Chairman of Hubei Province, President Lu Ming, Chairman of Hubei Quyi Association More than 50 experts and media reporters participated in exchange discussions. The participating experts have highly praised the theme of the "Three Teaching Street 41".

Everyone also conducted an in-depth communication discussion from the "Dialect ‘s Development Direction", "The Development of Dialect Arts", "The Development of Dialect Arts".