Wang Lan, who knew he had suffered a dark loss, had to sit back,She cocked her mouth and said:“No wonder my cousin can like you,Turns out you are a gangster”

“What do you mean,That means you don’t like me”Wang Youcai hits a snake with a stick。Just when the two of them were teasing each other,Wang Guilan came over with two platter。
Wang Youcai quickly stood up,Took the plate in Wang Guilan’s hand,And then took her to sit down,And said two polite words。Wang Guilan’s frowning brow stretched out。
Wang Youcai is also welcome,Since I’m here for a drink。He did it himself,Found three big cups,Then pour one cup each。
“Can’t this,I can drink less。I can’t drink such a big cup,Moreover,Drink so much wine,Sure to get drunk”Wang Guilan declined,Refuse to serve。
Wang Lan, who was sitting across from her, chuckled and said:“Okay cousin!We don’t have to pretend。You can drink it without worry,Even if I drink too much,Isn’t there Boss Wang with you?!You just happen to…”
“You say!Really skinless and embarrassed”Wang Guilan interrupted Wang Lan,But she actually picked up the blackjack。Wang Youcai takes a look,Happy in my heart。
Wang Guilan is really out of drink,Not a few minutes after a large glass of white wine,She is already flushed,It’s not easy to speak。What’s worse is that she still hugs Wang Youcai in front of Wang Lan。I can see she is really drunk。
Wang Lan sitting opposite,Seeing her cousin and Wang Youcai look like this,Obviously unhappy。But Wang Youcai steals Wang Guilan from time to time,Blink Wang Lan,Secretly touch her hand while pretending to hand something。
Wang Youcai had already noticed it,This Wang Lan is not a peaceful woman,She is more wild than Wang Guilan。He just took advantage of Wang Lan’s point,Desperately teasing her。Although this woman was not drunk,But a glass of white wine goes down,I am also confused in my heart。
“Hey!Why don’t you respect your cousin again?!”Wang Youcai held Wang Guilan who was about to fall in one hand,He reminded Wang Lan, who was sitting opposite。
Wang Lan immediately understood what Wang Youcai meant,He just toasted Wang Guilan another glass of wine。It’s a pity that Wang Guilan only took a sip,The whole person fell asleep on Wang Youcai’s body。