Especially after I learned that the gold wheel grabbed the two daughters of Guo Zhaibei.,Zhao ignored the reason for Guo Ju Xia to defeat the safety of the daughter,Slight some kind of Fuyang confidentiality

Can be believed,Can also hit Guo Zhaobu’s reputation,In invisible, resolve the Fuyang crisis after Guo Jumin,Even the prestige of the ruling mountains is further。
Even Zhao ignored everyone has already calculated,After that, let the East Factory of Fuyang,Seize the little scorpion of the end of the world and Shangguanhai,Let Cao Zhengzheng account for the wind,Come to the enemy。
Lud、Lu Huan’s crime,He has already prepared it properly,Not afraid that they are not in the future!
In this situation,He will naturally not stay Guo Zhaoba’s life.,Otherwise, once leaking message,Instead, it will be a big blow to yourself.。
I didn’t expect it.,Will need Guo Ju Xia to threaten Guo Mrs. Guo not to go crazy
Before he breathed Guo Qiao,Let’s hand over Murong Fu“he”Originally, the dry dirty,Nature also knows these。
Reason“Handle”,It is also to try one or two,See how you will do after Murong。
Afterwards, Liu Sheng but Malaysia,He tracks Murong Fu,I saw that Murong Fu brought Guo Qiao to the city.,After spending the face, no matter how the dead sultry is western lake.
Although the last time Wang Zhongyang is leaked,Let Liu Sheng but Malaysia in Zhao ignore,Not so credible,But both do this say,This can also have a fake?
Just Zhao ignored or missed
Chu Deirers actually cross a bar,Make the defeat of Guo Jumin fail!
And he expected that Mrs. Guo will certainly not set the Yangyang.,Even if I have not succeeded in defending Guo Giao,He also thinks that Guo will choose to leave her children.,It is impossible to make Wu Sangui behavior。
But it is not expected.,Guo’s sexual feelings so good!
The rival mountain is a step earlier,I received a message,But Zhao ignored it very few
After all, Fuyang broke out this kind of thing,I can’t stop it in advance.,Zhao ignored and only installing innocent to the bottom, anyway, there is a substitute in Lin’an,No one can prove,I have been to Fuyang!
certainly,As a loyalty, iron gallbladder,Zhao ignorable, no copy, no copy, innocent,But the responsibility of the great righteousness,Actively ask the emperor punishment,To calm the frontline“Misunderstand”。
Cao Zhengyu’s idiots,Will definitely take the opportunity to make yourself,When you arrive, you can sell the tragic Zhao ignore, I have already counted the next round of plans.。
Polar“Guo Ju Xia”、Steady“Wang Chongyang”、Extremely“Gold wheel”、Extremely“Worship”、Turbidity“Break”
Zhao ignore has sucked five masters,And with Xiangxi four ghosts in Qingcheng,Thirty-six days of secret training、Seventy-two land,Make out“Soft pole”!
I still think that I am really for what I do.
Although the four ghosts in Xiangxi are disassembled,Just take the essential training of the layout,Training two or three hundred people in Qingcheng,But I can’t hold Zhao ignore, I will be the most elite one hundred and eight.,I have a clean,There are only some martial arts limited waste。
As a result,Not only getting out“Soft pole”,Also made Zhao ignored to imitate eight-made phantom skills,And can crack the charm god!
Just equal opportunities,Zhao ignored it“Spare tire”,One is replaced with a positive master!
Now only“Yinzhi”and“Clear”
The latter does not say more,Since ancient times,Martial arts is the most“clear”,Your old to head Cao Zhengli will practice the Tianzhu boy practiced,Don’t take him、God Hou feels that I am sorry。
The former is more troublesome
The original goal is to be unbeaten in the East,Ten years ago,Zhao ignored gradually staring at her,But now she has reached the world.,Zhao ignored and must be found“Spare tire”First break through。
But there is no suitable candidate
Until, he secretly caught Yue Shang Yue’s skill.,Yue is still too tender,The evil spirits are not purely familiar。
However, it is expensive to transfer evil spirits in pure Zixia.,Cut when cut“strong”,After cutting, the more joy is pure
Therefore, in these two years, Zhao ignored has been cultivating him.,I hope he can reach soon to do so.“Spare tire”State。
Just wait for you to completely dedicate the enemy in a weak wave,Let Cao Zhengzhen are completely exposed,He can take the power of the east factory、And Cao Zhengqi’s strength,Achievements come to now,Strongest emperor
As for the Chu Deirers who always bad words,Indeed a headache,But how long is it?,That is going to go to the Heroes Island,After that, you must not come back.!
certainly,Zhao ignore has been determined,If he can’t come back,After you have invincible in the world,Also personally go to the sea to slaughter him
Chapter 935 Maintaining the peace of the rivers and lakes
Overnight,Xiangyang Subspection。