Chen Xiaolan shook her head helplessly,She got up and got out of bed,First damp the towel with water,After scrubbing her body again,Then put on the clothes。

Women are different from men。Chen Xiaolan is holding a wet towel again,Xia Jian in bed,Wiped it from head to toe,Then patted his generous back and said:“Put your clothes on!If someone comes”
Xia Jianyi listen,Then got up in a hurry,Get dressed in twos or twos。He took the small box beside the bed and said:“You built a signal tower here,Cell phone signal is really good now,Give you this phone,So that we can contact later。I’ll handle it for you,Five hundred yuan in it,After playing, you can go to town to charge”
“That’s great,I was thinking about when to go to the market to buy a mobile phone,I didn’t expect you to give me one”Chen Xiaolan took it,Opened the box and took out the phone。
A sky blue flip phone,Both beautiful and small and exquisite,Chen Xiaolan watching,Admired:“So beautiful,Much more beautiful than my original candy bar”
“You have a cell phone?”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。
Chen Xiaolan consciously lost her mouth,He took a breath and said:“There used to be,But I smashed it,These are all bad things from the past,Don’t mention it“
Chen Xiaolan finished,Opened the door。Hung up the curtain,Then pour the water in the basin to the outside。She just opened the kitchen door。When Xia Jian looked at his watch,It’s almost one o’clock by now,It seems that he is really not easy。
Rural house,Summer is particularly cool。Xia Jian was asleep in bed,When he is woken up by Chen Xiaolan,Found on the small table on the ground,The cold noodles are ready。
Xia Jian has a look,Get out of bed and eat。Chen Xiaolan is really not easy,Not only are people beautiful,The level of cooking is equally beautiful。The noodles are very strong,Like a string,It’s so delicious to chew in your mouth。
Finished eating,Chen Xiaolan quickly cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks,Then he smiled at Xiajian and said:“Two o’clock,I can sleep beautifully,But i can’t,I want to deliver food to my parents“
“what!They didn’t come back?“Xia Jian asked in surprise。
Chen Xiaolan took a breath and said:“A bit far away,They feel troublesome to walk,Won’t be back at noon。There are big trees on the edge of the ground,Take a rest under the tree,I’ll deliver food to them,In this way they also feel relaxed,And can work more。no way,Farmers are like this“
Xia Jian smiled,No sound。Such a thing when he was young,Almost everyone in Xiping Village will do this。Chen Xiaolan is ready for dinner,And said to Xia Jian:“It’s hot outside,You have a good sleep,I’ll come back to accompany you after delivery“
“No more,You go busy!I have one more thing to tell you,It is the renewal project of Shuijing Village Primary School and the Education Bureau quickly approved it,We are going to start construction in the summer vacation。It’s best to use it at the beginning of the next semester“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Chen Xiaolan sighed and said:“You are so amazing,You said you built a primary school for our village,But we can’t help you,You even have to go through the approval procedures,It’s really embarrassing to say it“
“As soon as you and Mr. Chen are too busy,To do these things,We are better at。So don’t be polite,You go to deliver food,Tell Xia Haiping when you have time。I slept in your bed,Just lock the door when you sleep,Do you think?“Xia Jian asked with a smile。